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Top 7 Parks In Maui

Posted on 4 March 2018 by Aaron

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Haleakala Crater

Maui is simply a beautiful area that is very stunning. However, when you are trying to enjoy this beauty you may notice that the crowds can be distracting. This is when you should know about all the great parks, but most importantly the top 7 parks in Maui to help you find the quiet place you want to enjoy paradise. That is why I have went out and ranked what I feel are the top 7 parks in Maui.

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  • 7. Iao Valley State Park -

    This is not on the beach, but it is still a majestic park that is in Maui. This park is one that will allow you to explore the interior of the state and know you will have a chance to see everything that you would want to see in the state that is not related to the beaches. 

  • 6. D.T. Fleming Park -

    This is a park that has a sandy beach, but also has the luxury of lifeguards as well. What else is nice about this place is the fact you will be able to enjoy the kids on the playground that is available here. 

  • 5. Kanaha Beach Park -

    The name of this park pretty much gives it away that it is on the beach and it is going to be a great way for you to enjoy the water and the sand. The park does have windsurfing, picnic tables, and volleyball available, but also has the chance to go swimming in the ocean as well.

  • 4. Pua'a Ka'a State Wayside -

    While not a large park compared to some of the other parks, this is one that is along the road and makes for a great stopping point. The park has a waterfall that can be enjoyable and even has a pond that you can take a dip in if you want to cool off. 

  • 3. Airport Beach Park -

    This is a public park that has a boardwalk that allows you to walk and enjoy the beauty that only a boardwalk can provide. However, this park also has a beach, with grills, and even a picnic pavilion for you to enjoy.

  • 2. Makena State Park -

    When you look here you will quickly notice the lack of development around the park. This park is stunning and the beauty you have a chance to see here is second to none. Not to mention it offers the chance to swim in the beautiful water of the Pacific Ocean. 

  • 1. Haleakala National Park -

    If you love the sunrise in Hawaii, then you will have to check out this park. This park is a dormant volcano, but once you reach the rim of it and have a chance to look out it is easy to see the beauty of the sun and see why the local birds love this place. 

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