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Top 7 Parks In Atlanta

Posted on 21 April 2018 by Kent

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Olympic Centennial Park

Traveling around Atlanta can be quite a bit of fun. However, what you are going to find is it will be hard to figure out which one of the amazing parks you should be checking out in Atlanta. I know this challenge is one that you can overcome, which is why I have went out and ranked the best parks in Atlanta for you to visit so find the top 7 parks in Atlanta listed below. 

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  • 7. Boulevard Crossing Park -

    This is a park that is set in some of the reclaimed land from the former industrial area in Atlanta. This is now a place that features 5 acres of reclaimed land that is an organic area and definitely a place you can enjoy.

  • 6. Shady Valley Park -

    This is a smaller neighborhood park you are going to enjoy. However, this is also a park that will have a nice playground and seating areas for you to enjoy. Then throw in the great sporting areas and it is easy to see this is a great place to enjoy sitting down in and taking a break.

  • 5. Perkerson Park -

    The Perkerson Park location is one that you are going to like for the trails through the woods. The kids will like the park for the fun playground that you are going to enjoy. So this will definitely make it easier for you to have a fantastic trip because your kids will be occupied as well as you.

  • 4. Piedmont Park -

    This is a smaller park, but it is definitely a park that you are going to enjoy. The park has plenty of walking trails and depending on the day you will find the farmers market located in the park.

  • 3. Freedom Park -

    When you are at Freedom Park you will love the fact that it has 200 acres of woods, trails, and plenty of other things for you to enjoy seeing. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great trip and reconnect with nature even in the city. 

  • 2. Historic Fourth Ward Park -

    This is a park that has a lot of history that you can enjoy. The park is going to be a great place to go for the skate line, but also for the beautiful area you can enjoy with the amphitheater. Not to mention this is a place located by the Beltway.

  • 1. Centennial Olympic Park -

    Built for the Olympics in 1996 this park still stands. This is a great park that has everything you would want to have and it is amazing. The park has plenty of park space and paths for you to enjoy with fountains to cool off with.

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