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Top 7 Must Try Tours - Las Vegas

Posted on 27 January 2017 by Mike

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Las Vegas is often called the city of lights. The best way to travel in Vegas is to take one of the tours that highlights the entire region. With all the choices to make on the Las Vegas tours, which one is the best? At Top 7 Travel, we have decided to rank the 7 best tours in Las Vegas so you do not waste your time. 

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  • 7. Black Canyon Adventures @ForeverResorts -

    The rivers are not something you would think about in the desert. However, Black Canyon Adventures is a tour that will take you along the river, but also provides you with a chance to get to see Lake Mead as well. 

  • 6. Haunted Vegas Ghost Tours @HauntedVegasTourandGhostHunt -

    Ghost in a place that was filled with crime, mayhem, and gambling? That would never happen, right? That would be a lie and the Haunted Vegas Ghost Tours makes you believe in the paranormal. You will be armed with the tools you need, but also directed to locations that are considered the favorite haunt of entertainers and mobsters alike. 

  • 5. Pink Jeep Tours @pjtlasvegas -

    Driving around in a pink Jeep may not be something you would want to do. However, if you want to get out in the region and explore the area surrounding Las Vegas, then you cannot go wrong with the Pink Jeep Tours that leave the area and return each day. 

  • 4. Vegas Mob Tour @VegasMobTour -

    Almost everyone knows the mob founded Las Vegas. What they do not know is the past can be relived in the Vegas Mob Tour. This tour makes it easier for you to explore the history of Vegas and know you are learning a lot and seeing the actual places this happened. 

  • 3. Maverick Helicopter Tours @MaverickHeli -

    The top rated tour gives you the views of Vegas from the ground in open air. Maverick Helicopter Tours is going to give you the unique perspective of Las Vegas from the air. The selection of tours and cost make this tour one of the ones we enjoy. Our personal favorite tour Vegas Nights trip, so you can see the lights from above. 

  • 2. Scoot City Tours @ScootCityTours -

    Scoot City Tours is one that will make your trip memorable. You will be picked up at the hotel and dropped off, but in between you have several stops at some of the famous shows off of the History Channel, to the beautiful Mob Museum. All while on a 3 wheel scooter.

  • 1. Big Bus Tours @bigbuslasvegas -

    Open air and riding is a great way to see Las Vegas. When you look at Big Bus Tours, you will see you get the open air that you want, but with the bus ride have a chance to hop on and off at different stops. 

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