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Top 7 Must See Tours In Cleveland

Posted on 21 May 2018 by Bernie

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Cleveland is a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Erie. However, a lot of the beauty you can enjoy is hidden beneath the surface of the city and often will mean you want to take a tour to catch the area and the region. This is why I have decided it was time for me to go out and rank the top 7 tours for you to take and enjoy in Cleveland. 

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  • 7. Great Lakes Brewing Company -

    If you are of legal age this tour will be one that you are going to enjoy. How often do you get to take a tour of a great brewery? Not very often if you are from most places, but this tour is a great one and definitely one you are going to like because it allows you to see a lot of what you may have missed before.

  • 6. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a place that you can usually take a tour of on your own. However, if you want to learn even more and get an in depth and potentially a behind the scenes view you will want to get a tour led by a guide. 

  • 5. Ghost Tours -

    While Cleveland may not be as haunted as a town like Savannah it is a town that has its own ghost. The tours that you are going to take with the ghost are going to be a great adventure and will take you to some of the areas that you never would have thought about exploring before. 

  • 4. Historical Tours -

    The historical tours are a great way to learn about the history of the place, but also a great way to see some of the different aspects of Cleveland that you may have overlooked before. This is definitely a great tour to take if you want to learn about Cleveland and the role it has played in history.

  • 3. Tour The Stadiums and Arenas -

    These tours are going to immerse you in the world of sports. The teams in Cleveland have had a lot of up and down years, but one thing that is commonly seen is the fact the teams are going to have a lot of things going for them and the stadium tours give you a great feel for the team.

  • 2. Lake Erie Tours -

    The lake is easily one of the biggest draws to the Cleveland region and once you have seen the lake and how clean it is compared to what it used to be, it is easy to see why. Once you see the tours you will want to take these tours and know you will have a great trip to enjoy.

  • 1. Lolly The Trolley @ -

    This is more of a tour company, but it is a place that has several different tours for you to enjoy in style in a trolley. The trolley may remind you of the way to get around in Gatlinburg, but it is definitely a great way to get around and with the different tours you can find the one that you will enjoy.

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