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Top 7 Museums - Tokyo

Posted on 24 May 2017 by Thangh

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Samurai Museum

Tokyo is a beautiful city, but one aspect that is overlooked quite often is the museums that are in the city. To avoid this you should know about the top 7 museums that are in Tokyo to make sure you get a full immersion experience in Japanese museums. 

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  • 7. Fukagawa Edo Museum -

    If you love history then you will love the fact this museum exist because it is going to have some of the miniature buildings that are replicas of those exactly during the Edo Period. History lovers will adore this museum for the quality that it has. 

  • 6. KidZania Tokyo -

    If you want to take your kids to a location then you will want to make sure you take them to KidZania. What is really nice is the museum, which is geared towards kids, know that some of the kids speak English only so they have English days that are meant for English speaking children. 

  • 5. National Museum of Emerging Science -

    This is a museum you would expect to see in Tokyo is one on the latest changes in science. The museum is one you will love to visit, but also enjoy because it is going to have a great feel to it that makes it easier for you to learn about what is happening in the world of science. 

  • 4. Yasukuni Shrine -

    The Shrines in Tokyo are beautiful and often one of the best places to visit. At the Yasukuni Shrine it it set up perfect as a museum and a shrine. With all the statutes that are present it is easy for you to see you are going to learn quite a bit, best part is they do have a pamphlet in English for visitors. 

  • 3. National Museum of Science And Nature -

    If you can read and understand Japanese you will get the full benefit of this museum. However, it does have something to offer just by seeing the exhibits. The problem is and why it was not ranked top is they have little in the way of English for visitors to use.

  • 2. Tokyo National Museum -

    If you want to explore the art and archaeology of Japan then you will need to go no further than right here. This museum covers almost all that you would want to learn about Japan. You can explore all the art that is present, but also the archaeology and the role that it played in the building of the country. 

  • 1. Samurai Museum -

    Generally when you think about Japan you will think about the Samurai and who wouldn't? That is why when you are in Tokyo you will love the fact they have the Samurai Museum that makes it easier for you to explore this way of life, but also see actual pieces that were used during the time period. 

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