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Top 7 Museums - San Diego

Posted on 2 January 2018 by Karen

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Maritime Museum Of San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful city and if it is raining, which is fairly rare, you may find the city has some amazing museums to enjoy as well. So this will make it very easy for you to have the best trip possible and enjoy the city even if you have come on one of the days that it decides to open up and pour quite a bit of rain. With this being the case, I have decided to rank the top 7 museums in San Diego. 

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  • 7. San Diego Children's Discovery Museum @sdcdm -

    Finding a great place for your kids to visit is going to be a great way to keep your kids entertained. This is why you will love the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum, which is an amazing place to go out and visit, but also has plenty of interaction for your kids to enjoy when they are at the museum. 

  • 6. Whaley House @TheWhaleyHouse -

    Exploring the West is a great thing to do. However, it is also a challenge as well because you will have so many different things to explore and learn how The Whaley family was so influential to the building of the West. 

  • 5. San Diego Automotive Museum @SDAutoMuseum -

    The San Diego Automotive Museum is going to be a great place for you to see and enjoy for all the different cars it has in the museum. This is a great location that will make it easier for you to have a great tour through history of the vehicle world.

  • 4. San Diego Natural History Museum @SanDiegoNaturalHistoryMuseum -

    The San Diego Natural History Museum is a great place to go and visit if you want to have a good time and learn about the history of the region. However, what you will find is this is a location that also makes it easier for you to find the best trips possible for the region and learn more about what happened in the areas.

  • 3. San Diego Air & Space Museum @SDASM -

    The San Diego Air & Space Museum is a great place to go if you want to learn about the history of flight and everything that you are going to want to know about. This will even is a great place to go and visit with your kids.

  • 2. Fleet Science Center @FleetScienceCenter -

    When you are looking at the Fleet Science Center you will notice this is located in Balboa Park. This science center is one that will have everything you want to have because it has a great science center for you to learn in, but also has an amazing planetarium.

  • 1. Maritime Museum of San Diego @sdmaritime -

    Getting to explore the history of the United States sailing ships is a great thing. When you look at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, it is going to allow you to have the great trip, but also explore one of the biggest ship collections in the world. 

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