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Top 7 Museums - Philadelphia

Posted on 7 May 2017 by Carrie

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Mutter Museum

Museums are a great attraction in a lot of cities, but in Philadelphia there are a lot of older museums that are going to provide you with an experience you never imagined possible. This is when you should discover the top 7 museums in Philadelphia to help guarantee you have a great trip. 

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  • 7. Woodmere Art Museum @WoodmereArtMuseum -

    If you want to learn about the local artists that are present in Philadelphia then you will love the Woodmere. This is a location that will provide you with a chance to see the local artists and know it showcases the local artist. 

  • 6. Independence Seaport Museum @phillyseaport -

    The Independence Seaport Museum is a great place that you are going to love and want to go to. Most people do not think that Philadelphia is a busy seaport, but when you are at this museum it will make it easier for you to have a great vacation. 

  • 5. Philadelphia Museum of History @philahistory -

    Learning about the history of Philadelphia can be very exciting and at times it can be a challenge. However, the challenge has been removed from the Philadelphia Museum of History that showcases the history of the city. 

  • 4. Academy of Natural Sciences @AcadNatSci -

    The museum itself is a museum as it is the oldest natural sciences museum in the New World, which is America. So you will love the fact that this has a lot of information for you to explore and start to learn about all from this beautiful museum.

  • 3. Rodin Museum @Rodin-Museum -

    Finding some of the world famous sculptures of the world can be a good thing. However, when they are in a single space it makes it even better. Now you can experience the beauty of the Rodin sculptures at the museum in Philadelphia that bears his name.

  • 2. Barnes Foundation @the_barnes -

    Having a chance to see some of the best educational art around is a great thing to do and that is what you are going to see at the Barnes Foundation as it has art from African sculptures to Picasso. 

  • 1. Mutter Museum @muttermuseum -

    World of oddities has a chance to meet with some of the strangest medical discoveries or miracles possible. The Mutter Museum is one that you are going to fall in love with and have a chance to see everything that you normally would have overlooked beforehand.

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