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Top 7 Museums - Los Angeles

Posted on 6 March 2017 by Jose

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California Science Center

Los Angeles is a beautiful city, if you can get past all the traffic. However, one aspect that a lot of people overlook with Los Angeles is the museums. By knowing about the best museums in Los Angeles it is easy to plan a trip and see all these beautiful museums. We have decided it was time to give these museums some justice and have ranked the Top 7 Museums in Los Angeles. 

If you want to learn more about Los Angeles then you can check out our Los Angeles travel page. 

  • 7. Grammy Museum @TheGRAMMYMuseum -

    The Grammy Museum is going to take and make it easier for you to have a great connection to the modern musical world. At this museum you can  explore all the different music genres and even have a chance to explore the classics as the exhibits are rotated out between the famous artist.

  • 6. Museum of Death @korvptvs -

    This is a museum that is going to take a twist to the darker side of life, death. The museum hosts some of the famous pieces from the serial killer artworks, the photos of the murder scenes for Charlie Manson. However, as a very different display you may find creepy is the guillotined severed head of the Blue Beard of Paris. So definitely a place to explore death and different aspects of death. 

  • 5. Hammer Museum @hammer_museum -

    This is a unique museum that is going to allow you to explore some of the contemporary art scene, but also immerse yourself in the different cultural experiences you never imagined you would get a chance to explore before. 

  • 4. Los Angeles County Museum of Art @lacma -

    The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a place you will love going to. This is a museum that will provide you with the appreciation of art from the ancient works that you never thought you would see, but some of the modern art as well to make for a perfect blend of the worlds of art.

  • 3. Petersen Automotive Museum @Petersen_Museum -

    Cars have played a major role in the modern world. However, at the Petersen Automotive museum you will have a great walk through the older vehicles, but since this is Los Angeles you get the chance to see some of the vehicles that were used in some of your favorite movies.

  • 2. Natural History Museum L.A. @NHMLA -

    Exploring the natural world is easy to do at times, but exploring the ancient worlds that are present in nature is very difficult to do. At the Natural History Museum of LA you are able to get the exploration of the older world, but also know the trip is going to provide you with an education you never thought you would have had before. 

  • 1. California Science Museum @casciencecenter -

    Being able to get to see an item that was in space is awe inspiring. At the California Science Museum you have the chance as Endeavour is here. Throw in all the other exhibits and it is very easy to see why the California Science Museum is the best museum in Los Angeles.

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