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Top 7 Museums - Kansas City

Posted on 9 December 2017 by Alex

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Shoal Creek

Museums are a great way to see some of the history and explore the significance of a city. However, when you are traveling you may not want to go and see the same type of museums in your home city. With that being said, we have decided to look at the top 7 museums in Kansas City.

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  • 7. Arabia Steamboat Museum -

    Steamboats and steam power in general used to rule the world. However, it is a bygone era and it is only recalled in antique machinery or in a museum like this place. This is a great place to recall the history of this time period.

  • 6. Science City at Union Station @ScienceCityKC -

    Science is one of the best things to learn about. What is really great is the Science City at Union Station. This place has everything you would want to have in a science museum and it is definitely a place you will enjoy going to because of everything you get to learn. 

  • 5. American Jazz Museum @americanjazzmuseum -

    Having the chance to explore the beauty of jazz music is a good thing. However, for a lot of people the American Jazz Museum will help them out in getting to understand this beautiful music and see how it has changed over time. 

  • 4. Negro League Baseball Museum @Negro-League-Baseball-Museum -

    A forgotten baseball league when the times were a lot harder than what you can imagine. This is a great museum that has some of the most knowledgeable staff we have ever seen, but it is also a place that will help you understand a different time and place.

  • 3. Nelson Atkins Museum @nelsonatkins -

    If you want to explore art and get to see something that is very unique to the Kansas City area, then you need to check out the Nelson Atkins Museum. This is a place you will simply fall in love with, but also have a chance to explore a wide variety of art styles.

  • 2. TWA Museum @TWA.Museum.KC -

    Exploring some of the history of airlines can be a good thing. However, what is amazing here is this is a museum that covers some of the beauty of the TWA airline, which some people will remember, but not everyone. This place is simply amazing and beautiful.

  • 1. Shoal Creek Living History Museum @ShoalCreekLivingHistoryMuseum -

    If you want to go to a great place that is an older farm setting then you will love Shoal Creek. This is a place that has 80 acres and will take you a step back in time that will allow you to get a great education, but also enjoy some of the beautiful areas of Kansas City.

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