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Posted on 26 October 2017 by Shannon

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Childrens Museum Phoenix

Museums are a great way to explore the history of a location, but also to learn more about anything you ever wanted to learn. However, in a larger city like Phoenix you will discover they have quite a few museums to go out and visit. Which one of these are the best to visit though? Well, you can rest easy now because we have ranked the top 7 museums in Phoenix. 

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  • 7. Arizona Museum of Natural History @AzMNH1 -

    While not in Phoenix proper, this museum is in Mesa, which is a short drive away. It is an amazing natural history museum for everyone in the family to love. However, it is also a place that will make it easier for you to have a great vacation to enjoy and love. 

  • 6. Wells Fargo History Museum @Wells-Fargo-History-Museum -

    Wells Fargo is a name that really helped the West to grow. In this museum you will learn quite a bit about the history of the company, but also learn more about how the company has transformed the West into the part of the land that is loved to this day.

  • 5. Arizona State Capital Museum @AZCapitolMuseum -

    The Arizona State Capital Museum is one you will enjoy if you are a history buff. At this location you will learn about Arizona from the earliest start to the point it has reached today, but more from a government type of standpoint. 

  • 4. Heard Museum @HeardMuseum -

    Native American art is very beautiful and is definitely something that will leave you in amazement at the culture that was present at the time However, what you need to realize is the Heard Museum is a great place to go and see all of this art in a single place. 

  • 3. Hall of Flame Fire Museum @Hall-of-Flame-Fire-Museum -

    What kid and to a certain point adult would not want to go to a fire museum? When you are in Phoenix you have to stop in at the Hall of Flame Fire Museum. It has plenty of older equipment for you to look at, but also is a great way for you to see the changes that have been made in the fire service.

  • 2. Musical Instrument Museum @mimphx -

    Musical Instruments are not really something you would think about getting a museum space. However, that is what you get here. The Musical Instrument Museum is a great place to go and have a good time, but also to get to see some instruments you may have never really thought about being an instrument before.

  • 1. Childrens Museum of Phoenix @childrensmuseumofphoenix -

    Children will love this great museum. The Children's Museum of Phoenix has displays that are meant for the kids and it is geared towards them. What else is great about the museum is they have interactive displays for the kids as well.

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