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Top 7 Museums In Orlando

Posted on 22 February 2017 by Beth

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Orlando Fire Museum

Orlando is well known for amusement parks and the beautiful weather. One aspect of Orlando that is overlooked is the museums, when they should be showcased in this gorgeous city of mystery. At top 7 travel we decided to list the Top 7 Museums in Orlando. 

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  • 7. Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Museum @PolasekMuseum -

    This is a location that will serve you in a couple of ways. You get an excellent museum to tour with amazing artwork inside of the location, but also have the sculptures to look at and a wonderful and serene garden for you to enjoy as well. 

  • 6. Cornell Fine Arts Museum @cfamrollins -

    American and European art is often the most beautiful in the world to view and gaze at. That is exactly what you get at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum is plenty of art for you to view and take in, but also know most of the art has come around from the masters of the time period. 

  • 5. Museum of Military History @museumofmilitaryhistory -

    Starting with the Civil War, the museum will cover all the aspects of military history to modern times. The exhibits make it easier for you to get the respect for the military, but also start to see the different exhibits on what has happened in the history of the military. 

  • 4. Fort Christmas Historical Park @Fort-Christmas -

    Fort Christmas is an old fort that was built during the Seminole wars. However, the fort has been restored and given the feel of the authentic look of the fort. This restoration makes it easier for you to get the feel for the hardships the soldiers had to go through. 

  • 3. Orlando Science Center @orlandoscience -

    Live programs, four floors of science, and exploration abound in the Orlando Science Center. When you are visiting this location you are going to find something new, but your kids will love everything they are learning at this beautiful location. 

  • 2. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum Of American Art @morsemuseum -

    Are you a fan of American Art? Mainly the artworks of Louis Tiffany? If you are then the Charles Hosmer is the place for you as they have a large collection of Tiffany pieces, but also have quite a large selection of other American artist. 

  • 1. Orlando Fire Museum @OrlandoFireDept -

    This is a stop that will make the kids in all of us happy. The Orlando Fire Museum features exhibits covering the start of the fire department to the modern times. Either way this museum offers something for everyone to enjoy and learn from. 

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