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Top 7 Museums In New Orleans

Posted on 16 February 2017 by Larry

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National World War II Museum

Traveling to New Orleans is a great way to see a part of the world people never dream of seeing. However, to get the full experience you need to explore the museums of New Orleans. With the large selection we have decided to narrow down the museums to the top 7 museum in New Orleans.

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  • 7. Backstreet Cultural Museum @Backstreet-Cultural-Museum -

    Exploring the African American culture in New Orleans is important. At the Backstreet Cultural Museum you can explore the exhibits of everything from social importance, Mardi Gras, and all of the other important aspects of the African American culture that has influenced the growth of New Orleans. 

  • 6. Southern Food And Beverage Museum @SouthernFood -

    Southern Food has made an impact on the tables of millions of Americans. This is a museum that is dedicated to the culture that surrounds the Southern Food and the great food that has come from the museum. 

  • 5. Louisiana Children's Museum @LouisianaKids -

    Louisiana has a great children's museum. That museum is located in New Orleans and has plenty for kids to do. This museum has everything from interactive exhibits to exhibits that are geared towards kids. 

  • 4. Confederate Memorial Hall @Confederate-Memorial-Hall -

    The Confederate Memorial Hall is a place that recalls the history and struggles of the War between the states. The location has plenty of memories that can help you recall the war and what is even better the Memorial Hall has authenticated the items they have inside of the hall. 

  • 3. 1850 House @lastatemuseum -

    The 1850 House is a great place that will allow you to experience the mid 19th century look of New Orleans. The house does not represent any single family, but it does showcase how prosperous families were doing in New Orleans at the time. 

  • 2. Ogden Museum Of Southern Art @ogdenmuseum -

    Southern art is not usually considered a great art form. However, it is a classic art form that needs to be seen to be enjoyed. The art exhibits feature a lot of famous Southern artist, but also have some of the art people are going to enjoy looking at because of how it appears and the scenes that are present.

  • 1. National World War II Museum @WWIIMuseum -

    Remembering World War II is very important for people. At the National World War II museum, you can have a pleasurable day exploring the equipment the troops used and at times seeing some of the stories in videos that have been recorded by the troops to help everyone remember this time in the country. 

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