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Top 7 Museums - Houston

Posted on 25 March 2017 by Roger

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Houston Museum

Houston has a lot to offer people from an upcoming food scene to a vast number of tours. However, one thing that Houston is not well known for is the museums. That is about to change, as you read about the top 7 museums in Houston. 

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  • 7. 1940 Air Terminal Museum -

    Have you ever ever wanted to take a step back in time and think about the early ages of air travel? If you have then you have found the right place to go in the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. This place has everything that you would have found in history and it is going to make it easier for you to observe all that you are looking for in the early airports.

  • 6. USS Texas -

    The USS Texas is not a museum in the traditional sense that everyone is used to. Thi sis a floating museum that is going to make it easier for you to know the living history of the ship and be able to see and explore the conditions the sailors had to go through. 

  • 5. The Health Museum @thehealthmuseum -

    This is a place that is very interactive and will provide you with a lot of food for thought. We personally love the exhibits and all that you are able to see and do while at the museum. 

  • 4. Holocaust Museum Houston @HMHou -

    The Holocaust is a very tragic point in history and it is one that should never be forgotten. However, it is a point in time that quite a few people have forgotten and will allow it to repeat. At this museum it is brought right to the front of you and makes it easier for you to see this is the best way to remember this tragic point in history. 

  • 3. Museum of Fine Arts Houston @MFAH -

    Have you ever wanted to look at the arts and know what you are viewing something that is completely new and unique to you. However, the other thing you will like is the museums art pieces have been known to provoke some great thought and admiration of the art pieces. 

  • 2. Childrens Museum of Houston @cmhouston -

    Every major city should have a children's museum and Houston is not exception. With that being the case, Houston has an excellent museum that is geared towards kids and will provide them with plenty to see and with the interactive exhibits will easily find something they can do. 

  • 1. Houston Museum Of Natural Science @hmns -

    This is easily the most popular museum in Houston. The Natural Science museum has a butterfly exhibit, an observatory, and quite a few other things for you to do and visit. When you do go here, you need to make sure you have enough time set aside for the visit as it can take a couple of hours. 

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