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Top 7 Museums - Denver

Posted on 25 December 2017 by Barrie

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Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver is a city that is full of natural beauty, but also with some amazing things for you to see and do. Some of those are going to involve heading to one of the many museums that are in the area. That is why I have decided it was time to go out and rank the top 7 museums in Denver.

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  • 7. Denver Firefigthers Museum @DenverFirefightersMuseum -

    The Denver Firefighters Museum is a great place that recalls the history of the Denver fire department and the fire service in general. This museum has plenty of displays for everyone to enjoy of all ages, but it is definitely going to be a place that you can learn quite a bit when you visit. 

  • 6. Forney Museum of Transportation @forneymuseum -

    With a wide range of rotating exhibits you will find the Forney Museum of Transportation is going to be a great place to go and see. This is a great place that showcases the history of transportation and makes it easier for you to find out about all the changes in transportation.

  • 5. Wings Over The Rockies @wingsmuseum -

    Lowry Air Force Base is not functioning anymore as a base, but it is still a great place to have a museum. This is a place that has some amazing displays from military aircraft to even the uniforms of the military. 

  • 4. Molly Brown House Museum @mollybrownhousemuseum -

    The Molly Brown House is a place you will love because it is a museum that was meant for the late Molly Brown. However, what you will discover is the tales that are present with the survivors tales from the Titanic disaster.

  • 3. Children's Museum of Denver @childrensmuseumofdenver -

    While most of the museums you would visit with your kids will be seen as boring, the Children's Museum of Denver is a place you will find as being absolutely amazing and will simply fall in love with the place because of the exhibits that are geared towards kids.

  • 2. History Colorado Center @HistoryColorado -

    Learning the history of the state is very important and it is very easy to do when you are at History Colorado Center. This is a great place that has plenty of things for you to learn from, but also the interactive exhibits are amazing.

  • 1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science @DMNSorg -

    Finding a place to visit in Denver is very easy because it has so much to do. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science easily tops our list of best places to go if you want to see a museum because it is simply an amazing place to go and see, but also learn from. 

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