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Top 7 Museums - Austin

Posted on 9 April 2017 by Mike

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Texas Memorial Museum

Austin is the crown jewel of Texas and a great city to visit. However, what you need to realize is the place also has plenty of museums for you to tour and visit as well. With that being said, we have ranked the top 7 museums in Austin for you to visit and enjoy. 

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  • 7. Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum and Library @LBJLibrary -

    Presidents are a great person to remember in the history of the country. In this museum you can to see a peek into the life of Lyndon Johnson who had to take over the country at one of the hardest points in history and see how he lived his daily life. 

  • 6. The Contemporary Austin @ContemporaryATX -

    The Contemporary serves as a small art museum and art lessons. The place is more of a community art center as well and this will allow you to see more of the art works that are produced locally and going to allow you to have the best looking art works possible. 

  • 5. Blanton Museum of Art @blantonmuseum -

    The Blanton Museum of Art is a great location that houses numerous works of art that you are going to love. The museum has a wide range of art works that are on display either as a permanent display or they have a rotation of displays that come along and make the place a great one to visit. 

  • 4. Elisabet Ney Museum @Elisabet-Ney-Museum -

    This is a great location that is very obscure at the same time. The place helps to celebrate the architecture that is present and even gives you a chance to see how the changes have happened from the older times in Texas to the modern times. 

  • 3. Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum @UmlaufSculpture -

    Centered on the work of Charles Umlauf is the point of this garden and musem. It is interesting to go out and explore all the sculptures that are present, but also to allow yourself to bask in the statues that are present and ever changing. 

  • 2. Harry Ransom Center @ransomcenter -

    This is a center that houses quite a bit of information. Some of the information is very rare books, manuscripts and even different types of art. All of these combined will make it a great place to stop and visit because you are seeing something different each time you are in the center.

  • 1. Texas Memorial Museum @TexasMemorialMuseum -

    Located at the University of Texas is the Texas Memorial Museum. This is a great museum that will provide you with plenty of exhibits to see from the ancient history of dinosaurs to the more modern history of what has happened to the planet with some of the transformations that has been made. 

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