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Top 7 Microbreweries - New York City

Posted on 15 June 2017 by Bridget

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Brooklyn Brewery

Drinking a beer is a great way to spend an evening. The problem is a lot of times when you go to get a drink you have to deal with the same type of beers all the time. To avoid this you should know about the top 7 microbreweries in New York to get the drink you want. 

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  • 7. Alphabet City Brewing @alphabetcitybrewing -

    Alphabet City Brewing company is a great place that has a fantastic atmosphere and wonderful craft beers. The location does have quite an easy access as well with its location in East Village. What we love is the Easy Blonde Ale, that is smooth and great tasting. 

  • 6. Other Half @Other-Half-Brewing -

    Other Half is a place that has managed to keep the small look while expanding the beer selection they have. This is going to make it easier for you to enjoy the location and place even more. We simply love all the different stouts the location offers to drink. 

  • 5. Bronx Brewery @TheBronxBrewery -

    The Bronx Brewery is a place we have really fallen in love with. The place has quite a bit of atmosphere that makes it easier for you to enjoy the drinks and mingle. What we really like with the Bronx Brewery is the summer brew they offer.

  • 4. Finback Brewery @FinbackBrewery -

    Finback is a place you will love because it has quite a bit of atmosphere and partying to enjoy. What is great is the fact that Finback does tend to offer quiet a bit in the way of seasonal drinks that you can enjoy as well. 

  • 3. Bridge and Tunnel Brewery @bridgeandtunnelbrewery -

    This is a great location that has some great brews that you can enjoy. What we really love with the Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is the fact that it has some of the spicy brews that we love. 

  • 2. Three Beers Brewery @threesbrewing -

    Three Beers is a great brewing company that has a lot to offer. What is really great is the craft beer that is brewed at the location. The drink that we love is the one they have called the bad wallpaper. 

  • 1. Brooklyn Brewery @Brooklyn-Brewery -

    Brooklyn Brewery has some of the best beers that you can find in New York. What is really nice is the fact this is a brewery that offers plenty of selection in the way of drinks as well. Our favorite drink from the Brooklyn Brewery is the Brooklyn Pilsner that is a German brewed drink. 

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