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Top 7 Mexican Restaurants - Philadelphia

Posted on 3 March 2018 by Carrie

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Mission Taqueria

Eating Mexican food in Philadelphia can be a great way to enjoy some lunch or even dinner. However, with all the great places that serve Mexican food in Philadelphia you should know it is difficult to find the best one to eat at. This is when you need to realize we have went out and ranked the top 7 Mexican restaurants in Philadelphia.

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  • 7. Jose Pistola's @jose.pistolas -

    Jose Pistola's is a great place that has an amazing atmosphere that is very lively and definitely work checking out. No matter what I love the burritos from here, after all a burrito that is made perfectly will be like a pillow. 

  • 6. Lolita @lolitaphilly -

    If you like Mexican street food or even the smells of this food then you will love Lolita. This is a great place that has been inspired by the street food and it will definitely provide you with the great tasting meals you want to have. 

  • 5. Tequilas Restaurant @tequilasphilly -

    If you want to have some upscale Mexican dining experience then you have to check out Tequilas. This place is a great one to go and enjoy, but it also has plenty of options on the menu to couple the great atmosphere together. I personally love the oysters that are prepared perfectly each time.

  • 4. El Vez @ElVezRestaurant -

    When you are looking for a trendy place that has quite a bit of things going for it then you will want to check out El Vez. This place has some great food and I have to say the taco platter is one of the best dishes from here. 

  • 3. Cantina Dos Segundos @DosSegundosPhilly -

    This is a great place that has some amazing food. The problem is you will find the restaurant is a little bit on the darker side than what you may be used to. I have to admit the food I love the most from here is the Cabrito.

  • 2. Lucha Cartel @LuchaCartelPhilly -

    This place has some great food and unique taste as well. The place even has the chorizo  burger that has some great flavor profiles that will simply explode in your mouth. 

  • 1. Mission Taqueria @MissionTaqueria -

    If you want to eat at a Mexican place that is stylish and trendy then you will love Mission Taqueria. This place is simply out of the world with the decor that it has. What else is great is the tacos that are out of this world good.

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