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Top 7 Mexican Restaurants - Los Angeles

Posted on 14 November 2017 by Jose

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Carne Asada

Mexican food in Los Angeles is a very popular cuisine choice. However, for a lot of people they tend to overlook the aspect of the food that is available to them and this makes it impossible for them to enjoy this food. Since this is the case, I have decided it is time for me to go out and rank the top 7 Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles.

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  • 7. Chichen Itza @ChichenItzaRestaurant -

    The food here is more of a counter serve style, but it is definitely worth the stop and the enjoyment for the food. You will really like the huevos rancheros that are out of this world good.

  • 6. El Carmen @elcarmenla -

    El Carmen is a place that has a very lively atmosphere you are sure to love. The best part is the food is just as good as the drinks are. I do have to say this place has some great carne asada tacos.

  • 5. Broken Spanish @brokenspanishla -

    With a rustic type of decor you will simply fall in love with this place because it has a great decor to match the awesome food. What I really love from the location is the queso fundido. 

  • 4. Guisados @Guisados -

    When you put forth the effort in providing great food it shows and that is exactly what you get from a place like Guisados. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is great. Once you have tried the handmade tortillas, you will not want anything else.

  • 3. Tlayuda LA Restaurant @TlayudaLA -

    With the comfortable and stylish seating you are sure to love this place. The food is great and the atmosphere is amazing. The best part is the place has some of the best dishes we have ever experienced, even the Tlayuda dish, which is on the menu is amazing.

  • 2. The Mexican Village @themexicanvillage -

    Sometimes you will just want to go out and find a place that opens later in the day and has a great happy hour. If that is the case, then The Mexican Village is for you. This place has great tacos and that is what I really love from here.

  • 1. Casa Sanchez @CasaSanchez -

    If you are looking for a traditional style in the way of Mexican food, then you do not have to go any further than Casa Sanchez. This is a place that is simply amazing and has some great food to go with the live band. The dish I love the most is the carne asada.

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