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Top 7 Mexican Restaurants In Chicago

Posted on 14 February 2018 by Roger

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Big Star

Mexican food is one of those meals that you will either love or hate. However, if you want to continue to love the food you will only want to go to the best restaurants in any city you are traveling to. That even includes a city like Chicago that you may not consider being a huge city for Mexican food. Since this is the case, I went out and ranked the top 7 Mexican restaurants in Chicago. 

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  • 7. Dos Urban Cantina @ -

    With a twist on the classic dishes you will find Do Urban Cantina. The twist you get from this location will definitely be something that you are going to enjoy, but also know it will make it easier for you to have a great dish that will be different than the traditional food. 

  • 6. La Cantina Grill @lacantinagrillchicago -

    When you are in the mood for some margaritas you have to make sure you hit up La Cantina Grill. This place has some great food and the drinks are simply amazing which is why I will continue to come back here. 

  • 5. Mercadito @MercaditoChicago -

    This is a place that is going to have more of the share type of food you may not be used to. However, they also have some great tacos as well which will make it great food for you. The only drawback is the amount of food is not as much as what I like. 

  • 4. Lena Brava @lenabravachicago -

    Lena Brava is a place that is going to be more of a seafood type of location, but it has some amazing Mexican fish dishes that made our list here. We really love the wood fired fish and the Yucatan fish is out of this world good.

  • 3. Topolobampo @topolochicago -

    You may find that a tasting menu is not going to really fill you up, but this is not the case here. Topolobampo is a high end restaurant, but it has an amazing tasting menu that gives you quite a bit of food. 

  • 2. Frontera Grill @fronteragrill -

    Frontera is a great place that you are going to love and really want to eat at for the great food and good drinks. What I really love from here is the tortilla soup that is very good and has quite a bit of great taste to it. 

  • 1. Big Star @bigstarchicago -

    Big Star is a place that we found to have a very lively atmosphere and drinks that are going to be decent as well. What I really love about this location is the authentic taste to the food, but the tacos are simply to die for. 

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