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Top 7 Mexican Restaurants - Houston

Posted on 30 January 2018 by Roger

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When you are in Houston, you will definitely want to find a place that has the high quality Mexican style food you are going to enjoy. This is going to make it very difficult to find a great restaurant because the choice is huge. To help out, I decided it was time to go out and rank the top 7 Mexican style restaurants in Houston. 

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  • 7. Hugo's @ -

    Are you wanting a place that is going to have a great combination of Mexican dishes with some twists? If you are make sure you check out Hugo's because this place is simply amazing. I simply love the duck carnitas that are out of this world good. 

  • 6. Las Tortugas @ -

    This place is more of a Mexican type of sandwich shop, which is definitely going to make it a very enjoyable meal that you can grab on the go. What I really love from here is the Borracha which is loaded with a ton of meat. 

  • 5. La Mexicana @eatlamexicana -

    This is a place that is in the middle of a grocery store, bakery, restaurant combination. However, what it is going to be is something that everyone is going to like because the place has good food. The best thing that you will enjoy from here is the tamales that are out of this world. 

  • 4. 100% Taquito @100taquito -

    This was a college project that really took off. The project I would think definitely gets an A as the business is very successful and one that you are going to enjoy. The dish that I love the most from here is the asada, but beware the portions are smaller. 

  • 3. Fajita Pete's @fajitapetestx -

    Fajita Pete's is a great place that is going to have some amazing food you can enjoy and really enjoy because the atmosphere is very laid back. What I love from here is the steak fajita that is so tender it is not funny. 

  • 2. Pico's @picosrestaurant -

    Looking for a great location that is going to have an upscale feel, but still have some great Mexican dishes that are reasonable? What I love from here is the poblano pepper that is stuffed with pork, fruit, and nuts. 

  • 1. Xochi @XochiHou -

    If you want to have some amazing Mexican food that will somply amaze you, then you will want to hit up Xochi. The food and location from here is amazing and great. The dish I love the most from here is the pork shank. 

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