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Top 7 Maui Hotels

Posted on 26 June 2017 by Aaron

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Hotel Wailea

Maui is one of those places that once you have traveled to you will not want to go home from. The problem is you have to find the best place to stay at when you are heading to Maui. To help you out we have ranked the top 7 hotels in Maui to make your trip a little bit easier to find the best hotel. 

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  • 7. Hana Kai Maui @Hana-Kai-Maui -

    Hana Kai Maui is a great place to stay at because it is going to be one of the unique places that you are going to enjoy staying at. This is a place that has a wide range or places that you can rent from cottages, to one or two bedroom units. You will also enjoy the commanding beach view that is present from the location. 

  • 6. Hale Ho'Okipa Inn @HaleHookipaInnMakawao -

    Staying in a historic building when you are in Hawaii may not seem like it is possible. However, you need to realize it is not only possible, but a great way to spend your vacation. What else is you need to realize the Hale Ho'Okipa Inn is going to provide you with the old world charm you would want to have while finding a great place to stay at. 

  • 5. Maui Tradewinds @Mauitradewinds -

    If you want to get away from the crowds and commercialization of Maui, but still be close to everything then you have to stay at the Maui Tradewinds. This is a secluded location that has all that you would want to have, but also provides you with easy access to the commercialized part of Maui. 

  • 4. Lumeria @lumeriamaui -

    Lumeria is known for being a classic retreat center that has some great elegant rooms as well. This is a place you will fall in love with because it is very peaceful and relaxing, but because it is a retreat center as well it will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy your trip even more. 

  • 3. Inn at Mamas Fish House @InnAtMamasFishHouse -

    Mama's Fish House is a well known restaurant, but it is definitely a place that you are going to love because it has a hidden and tucked away Inn as well. The Inn is one that has the same quality of comforts that you would want to have, but it definitely has one of the best on site restaurants. 

  • 2. Hyatt Regency @hyattmaui -

    The Hyatt Regency is a great place that you will love because of the commanding view of the Maui area, but it is also a great place that gives you all the comforts you would want to have. The Hyatt is also a property that has to live up to the Hyatt name as well. 

  • 1. Hotel Wailea @hotelwailea -

    With the Zen inspired landscape you can easily have a great time and relax when you are in Hotel Wailea. This is a great location that provides you the quiet and calm that you would want to have, but also is located close enough to the beach to provide you with a great trip that includes the beach in day and quiet at night. 

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