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Top 7 Luxury Hotels - Phoenix

Posted on 10 January 2018 by Shannon

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Arizona Grand REsort

Phoenix is a very beautiful city and it is a city that is full of luxury hotels for you to enjoy your trip in. The problem is it has so many hotels it is very difficult to find the best hotel because each hotel has its own unique qualities. Since this is the case, I decided it was time for me to go out and rank what I feel are the top 7 luxury hotels in Phoenix

  • 7. Kimpton Hotel Palomar @HotelPalomarPhoenix -

    The Hotel Palomar is part of the Kimpton Family. It has some comfortable rooms and some great locations you will enjoy for the amazing look of the place you are going to enjoy for the entire stay you are taking in Phoenix.

  • 6. Westin Phoenix @WestinPhoenixDowntown -

    When you are looking at the Westin Phoenix you will love the downtown location, but also find it to be an amazing location for the bars and the fantastic suites you can enjoy. 

  • 5. The Camby @thecamby -

    If you thought the Ritz-Carlton was nice in Phoenix, then you will love The Camby. It is the rebranded version of this high end hotel. With that being the case, it is very easy to see this is a location that had a good reputation before and now it is even better as the place is simply amazing.

  • 4. Royal Palms Resort and Spa @RoyalPalms -

    With Camelback mountain in the background you will find the Royal Palms Resort and Spa is going to have a great view for you to enjoy. The pool at the location is simply amazing as well and definitely worth the price. 

  • 3. Arizona Biltmore @ArizonaBiltmoreAWaldorfAstoriaResort -

    Biltmore is another name that you will recognize for the quality of the place. The location is going to be a great place for you to go to because it is going to be amazing. The rooms are comfortable and the location has some of the amazing architecture you would enjoy.

  • 2. JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa @JWMarriottDesertSpringsResortSpa -

    Marriott is a name that you know is going to bring about quality for yourself and the name itself is a great thing. What you will love here is the beautiful golf course that is nearby, but also the amazing rooms that are extremely comfortable and have plenty for you to do in the rooms.

  • 1. Arizona Grand Resort and Spa @ArizonaGrandResort -

    Finding a great place to stay in Phoenix can easily start at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa. This is a place that has everything you want to have, but it also has some very luxurious rooms you are going to enjoy for the comfort and bright colors they have.

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