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Top 7 Las Vegas Restaurants For 2018

Posted on 5 February 2018 by Mike

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When you are in Las Vegas it is very easy to get lost in the casinos and all the attractions that are around the area. What is even worse is you have to find a great restaurant with all the different options you have available. That is why we have decided it was time to rank our top 7 restaurants in Las Vegas. 

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  • 7. Estiatorio Milos @estiatoriomiloslasvegas -

    Las Vegas may not be known for having a large Greek population, but it definitely has an amazing Greek restaurant. The restaurant that we are speaking of is the Estiatorio Milos. This place even has some great grilled octopus. 

  • 6. Le Cirque @LeCirqueLasVegas -

    Le Cirque is a French themed restaurant that has some great food and an amazing view that looks out over the Bellagio Fountains. What is great from here is the sunchoke soup, that is so tasty you will want the recipe. 

  • 5. Sugarcane @SUGARCANErawbargrill -

    When you want to have some great food that is going to have a Cuban type of influence then you have to check out Sugarcane. This restaurant is straight from Miami and has some great food that has amazing seafood. I love the yellowtail collar that is fire grilled.

  • 4. Mizumi @MizumiLV -

    If you want to have a beautiful place to go out and enjoy a Japanese style meal, then you have to check out Mizumi. This place is going to have some great food for you to enjoy, but the intimate sitting next to the water is amazing. I have to say Mizumi is one of the few places to have authentic Kobe beef.  

  • 3. Restaurant Guy Savoy @guysavoy -

    The famous French chef definitely has a good place in Las Vegas. The food that you can find here is amazing and the dishes are going to be coming in the multi-course type of tasting menu you may not have had before. 

  • 2. Hakkasan Restaurant @HakkasanLasVegas -

    This is a great location that has quite the atmosphere, definitely the opposite of the club that is right next door. The best part is the intimate dining options you have at Hakkasan. I have to admit, I really love the crispy duck salad.

  • 1. Bazaar Meat @BazaarMeatSLSLasVegas -

    This place is amazing and definitely has some of the atmosphere you are going to love. The place has some great food and options for you to have from the menu. The best dish here is the Spanish style bone-in ribeye steaks.

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