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Top 7 Las Vegas Food Trucks for 2016

Posted on 11 July 2016 by Mike

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For the average person going to Las Vegas your not leaving the strip but for those travelers that are serious foodies highly suggest to check out the Las Vegas Food truck scene. Very competitive Food Truck scene in vegas, we also have included each Food Trucks Twitter handle so you can find them daily.

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  • 7. Dude Where's My Hotdog @DudeWheresmyhot -

    Hot Dog Lover's can't miss this Vegas food truck as the takes on the American favorite are so creative and tasty. Our favorite the General Lee which features 100% All Beef Hotdo with bacon, pineapple, onion, salsa, & teriyaki sauce. Also like the Chili cheese fries.

  • 6. Dragon Grille @DragonGrille -

    Fusion of Chinese and American that will make you want to try more and more of their dishes. Our favorite starter is the Dragon Fries which feature Beer Battered Dipped Fries Topped With Korean Beef Brisket, Balbi Q Sauce And Furikake. Also don't miss out on Kobe Beef Sliders which will sure to please.

  • 5. Bacon Boys @BACONBOYSTRUCK -

    What meat eater doesn't love bacon on everything - if that is you then don't miss the Bacon Boys food truck. Love the dragon BLT sandwich and highly suggest going with friends so you can split the bacon fries as well.

  • 4. Sauced @SaucedVegas -

    Serves small plates or tapas that will blow your mind. Start with our favorite small bite Great Balls of Fire feature chicken and hot sauce in ball format. Finish with our favorite entree - Porky's Revenge features pulled pork, hot link, and Onion Rings on sandwich.

  • 3. Fukuburger @fukuburger -

    Hard to believe how good the great mix of All American Burgers with Japanese Twist. Our favorite burger is the KINOKO which features All-beef Fukupatty with grilled shitake mushrooms, pickled red ginger, teriyaki, and finished with wasabi mayo. Add in the amazing Jazz Fries with great garlic fries and this will be one of your favorite go to Vegas places.

  • 2. Stripchezze @stripchezze -

    Take you back to your childhood with maybe the best Grilled Cheese in your life. Add in the Stripchezze twist on the classic and you will love it. Our favorite is the Pari-O-Dice-Pizza which is great melting of grilled cheese and pepperoni Pizza.

  • 1. Slidin- Thru @slidinthru -

    Some of the most unique sliders you will ever find. Our all time favorite is always the Barby which features burger, jalapeno, onion rings, and BBQ sauce. Something for everyone from classic slider burgers to exotic burger combos to the eggplant slider. Don't forget add their amazing fries or sweet potato fries.

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