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Top 7 Las Vegas Attractions for 2016

Posted on 7 July 2016 by Mike

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Sin City is most well known for being the gambling capital of the world but Las Vegas has way more to offer than just gambling. This is our update Top 7 Las Vegas Attractions for 2016 as several new entries have entered our list since last update in 2015. 

  • 7. High Roller -

    The Giant new Ferris Wheel experience on steroids. Not a cheap attraction but must try at night at least once a trip. Does take about an hour so make sure allow plenty of time before your show or dinner reservations.

  • 6. Freemont Street Experience -

    Freemont Street might not have the new casino's like the strip but the owners of these establishments create more free concerts, events, and feature the nightly light shows that are always a crowd favorite. Also don't forget to try the Freemont Street Zip line that runs under the night light shows.

  • 5. Bellagio Fountains -

    The Bellagio Dancing Fountains have been the favorite free Las Vegas attraction for 15 plus years. With shows all day and night long it's a must stop at some point of your Vegas vacation.

  • 4. Vegas Clubs -

    Something for everyone in the newest Las Vegas clubs but make sure you plan ahead as the lines can be very long on weekends. If want to avoid the long lines at the bigger strip casinos try a smaller club like Foxtail at the newer SLS casino.

  • 3. Vegas Shows -

    Catching a world class show is always a great idea and with 50 plus choices their is something for everyone. Can be pricey but don't forget to take advantage of the 1/2 price show booth located on strip. Our favorite show is KA and O but these are two of the more expensive Las Vegas Shows.

  • 2. Vegas Pools -

    Nearly every casino has reinvented their pool areas and the overtop experience has made day time just another extension of the over the top Vegas experience. Our favorite pools are Hard Rock and MGM. Bring your wallet as the pools are no longer a cheap way to spend the days but well worth the money.

  • 1. Grand Canyon Sky Walk -

    Hard to believe that less than 2 hour drive from the Las Vegas strip is the Grand Canyon but that is the case. Grand Canyon is maybe the most beautiful natural wonder in the world and the best way to see it on the new SKY WALK. The Sky Walk is glass bridge suspended over the Grand Canyon and even though it's pricey would not pass this one up.

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