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Top 7 Kid Friendly Hotels - Cincinnati

Posted on 27 June 2017 by Kim

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Great Wolf Lodge

When you are traveling as a family you are often going to want to find a place that you can stay at with your kids. Normally this is any hotel that you can find and stay at, but you will also notice that you need to consider the different hotels that are meant for kids. With that being the case we have ranked the top 7 kid friendly hotels in Cincinnati. 

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  • 7. Residence Inn @ResidenceInnbyMarriottCincinnatiDowntownThePhelps -

    Do you want to get some stunning views of the river and know your kids are safe at the same time? If you do then you will love the Residence Inn in Downtown Cincinnati. The kids are sure to love the restaurant that is on site as well. 

  • 6. Millennium Hotel @Millennium-Hotel -

    When you want to have a great location to stay in and enjoy your trip you will love the Millennium Hotel. This is a place that has a great location in downtown hotel and what is even better it has a rooftop pool with stunning views for everyone to enjoy. 

  • 5. Holiday Inn & Suites Downtown @Holiday-Inn-Hotel-Suites-Cincinnati-Downtown -

    Kids are going to love the fact they are not in the downtown area, but at the same time not have to worry about all the congestion of the downtown region. What is great about this location is it has decent rooms, but it also has the pool that kids are going to fall in love with. 

  • 4. Hyatt Regency Cincinnati @HyattRegencyCincinnati -

    With stunning views of the river and a commanding downtown location you will find the Hyatt Regency. This is a location that has plenty for you to do and even has things that your kids are going to enjoy as well. 

  • 3. Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza @netherlandplaza -

    Do you want to stay in one of the premier places in Cincinnati? If so then you will love the Hilton Netherland Plaza. This is a location that is in downtown, but it also has plenty close by and inside for the kids to do. This is a beautiful place to go and visit. 

  • 2. CoCo Key Water Resort @CoCoKeyCincinnati -

    CoCo Key is a water resort that has a lot going for it. Like our number one spot Great Wolf Lodge it has a full water park that your kids will love to use. However, it also has comfortable rooms and plenty of other fun activities for your kids to enjoy. What is even better is the place is a little bit closer to Cincinnati. 

  • 1. The Great Wolf Lodge @GWLMason -

    Great Wolf Lodge is not located in downtown Cincinnati, but it is in one of the suburbs of the city. This allows you to have the comfort of knowing your kids will have plenty of space to stretch out in. What else is nice is Great Wolf Lodge has a water park for guest to enjoy and this makes it an outstanding place for kids. 

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