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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions - Portland

Posted on 28 July 2017 by Nate

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Traveling with your kids is very rewarding and a great way to grow as a family. The problem that a lot of people have is they are not aware of where they can go with their kids. This is why we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Portland. 

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  • 7. Oaks Amusement Park @oakspark -

    Are you looking for a great place to go and have some fun? If you are make sure you check out Oaks Amusement Park. Now this is not Disney, but it is a park that is smaller and has great rides and depending on when you go not nearly the crowds. 

  • 6. World Forestry Center @worldforestrycenter -

    Are you looking to learn about the worlds forest and want to use some hands on items as well? If you do then you will want to visit the World Forestry Center. This is a location that has a lot of things going for it and definitely is a place you are going to enjoy because of the hands on items.

  • 5. Portland Puppets Museum @OldeWorldPuppetTheatreStudios -

    The Portland Puppet Museum is a great place that you are going to love because it has puppets throughout the years. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great trip and know you can finally see the puppets. Then you can start to enjoy the way the theater has grown over time. 

  • 4. Portland Children's Museum @PortlandCM -

    The Portland Children's Museum is definitely one you are going to enjoy because it is definitely going to help the kids learn without realizing it. What else is great is all the exhibits are geared towards the kids which makes learning even more fun. 

  • 3. Portland Saturday Marker @PortlandSaturdayMarket -

    This is more of a ramped up Farmers market, but it is definitely a place you are going to want to visit because of what all it offers. Your kids are going to have a chance to explore all the regions, but also going to have a chance to get some of the best food and snacks in the region. 

  • 2. Oregon Zoo @oregonzoo -

    With the Oregon Zoo you are going to notice it is going to have a great place for your animals to go to. The zoo has over 200 different animal species for you to look at and enjoy seeing. 

  • 1. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry @OMSI.Museum -

    Kids are going to love going here because of all they are able to see and do. What is even better is the fact this place has exhibits that are going to be fantastic and rotating. Even the regular exhibits are going to have a great education that is going to provide your kids with a learning experience they will never forget. 

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