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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions - Philadelphia

Posted on 18 March 2018 by Carrie

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Independence Hall

I like to travel with my kids, which is something that not everyone wants to do. I have to say, this does make it a little bit more of a challenge finding a great place to go to at times. This is very true when I look at a place like Philadelphia, which is a great city, but may have some lesser known attractions for your kids. That is why I have went out and ranked what I feel are the Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions In Philadelphia.

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  • 7. Franklin Square -

    Having a chance to sit down and just enjoy the fountains is a great thing to do here. What you will find is amazing is the way the kids will enjoy Franklin Square because of the fountains and the beauty of the place.

  • 6. Philadelphia Zoo -

    Kids love going to a zoo because they are going to have a chance to see animals that are normally in the wild. The zoo is definitely a great place to take your kids to and know they are going to have a great trip because they do get to see some amazing animals. 

  • 5. American Revolution Museum -

    The Revolutionary War is the one that was fought for the freedom that we all enjoy. At this museum you can learn quite a bit about the history of the revolutionary war and know that it is going to make it easier for you to know about the war.

  • 4. Liberty Bell -

    The Liberty Bell is one of the most famous bells in the world. What is even better is it is located in Philadelphia and you can easily stop in here and see this beautiful bell and enjoy the chance to see the bell and share in the stories with the rangers about the bell.

  • 3. Constitution Center -

    This is a great place to go and learn about the document that has helped to shape our country. You can learn quite a bit and read the constitution to learn what it holds and know how it has been used to shape laws for nearly 3 centuries. 

  • 2. Reading Terminal Market -

    This is a great place for you to go and visit because it is definitely going to have plenty of things for your kids to see and do. However, what you will really like with this place is the fact it has a ton of food and that makes it easier for you to find some good treats or a great lunch for your kids.

  • 1. Independence Hall -

    This is a major attraction for the kids because it is a place that they typically will have learned about in history classes and they will know this place because of the significance it played in the founding of the country. 

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