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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions - Las Vegas

Posted on 10 April 2017 by Mike

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Wet N Wild

Las Vegas is well known as being Sin City, but it also has quite a few things for the kids to do as well. With this being the case, you should know we have ranked the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Las Vegas. 

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  • 7. Tree House And Play Zone Container Park @dtcontainerpark -

    The park here is very unique in the way that it is set up and how it is going to keep you and your kids entertained. What is even better is the way the playground is set up is it allows the kid in everyone to come out again as it will make it easier for you to enjoy the trip because even adults can play.

  • 6. Hershey's Chocolate World @HersheyChocolateWorldLasVegas -

    Hershey's is a name that is well renowned for chocolate and only the finest chocolate in the world. However, if you want a unique and very tasty experience then you definitely need to hit up this location. The place has the best chocolate that you can find in Las Vegas and a very unique experience for you to go to. 

  • 5. Bellagio Conservatory @Bellagio -

    Plants are definitely very interesting and something that you are going to love being able to enjoy, especially if you are not from the desert and want to see some real plants. Thankfully the Bellagio makes this possible with this state of the conservatory that has multiple plants and a well laid out path for everyone to enjoy.

  • 4. Mirage Aquarium @themiragelv -

    The lobby of the Mirage is well known for the aquarium and all of the different species of fish that are in the water, throw in the coral and you have a unique experience. This is definitely a great place for your kids to go and enjoy seeing the different fish, but also a place that kids usually are amazed at.  

  • 3. Town Square Children's Park And Playground @townsquarelv -

    Do you want your kids to have something fun to do? Then you will love the fact this is a park that you can take your kids to and enjoy your trip. This is a great park that the kids are going to love and will have a chance to go out and see what they want to while enjoying the playground. 

  • 2. Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden @TheMirageLV -

    Getting a chance to interact with some of the most beautiful animals in the world can be a good thing, but when you are face to face with the animals it is even better. That is exactly what you get at the Secret Garden, but you also get the chance to see a family of bottlenose dolphins that you can interact with as well. 

  • 1. Wet'n'Wild @WetnWildLasVegas -

    In the middle of the desert nothing is worse than the heat that can hit well over the one hundred degree mark. However, what you need to realize is Wet'n'Wild is going to solve this problem. This is a great water park with rides and plenty of pool action for you to take a dip in to cool off.

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