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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions In New York City

Posted on 24 October 2017 by Bridget

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Statue of Liberty

New York City is a fantastic city for everyone in the family to enjoy. However, you need to realize New York City even has some awesome kid-friendly attractions as well. With this being the case, make sure you know about the top 7 kid-friendly attractions to guarantee your kids have fun on vacation as much as you do. 

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  • 7. Madison Square Gardens @TheGarden -

    Madison Square Gardens is very famous and definitely a landmark that is around New York. The place is meant for the sports loving kids and just seeing the history that is present in the city will amaze everyone that is coming to the town.

  • 6. Times Square @timessquarenyc -

    Times Square is definitely a place your kids are going to like. The place has a very lively atmosphere and it is definitely a place you will like as well. Times Square has some amazing atmosphere and definitely makes it easier for you to have fun and enjoy your trip. 

  • 5. American Museum of Natural History @naturalhistory -

    Nothing beats the chance to go out and see history. However, when the kids are able to go out and enjoy the history in a museum it is going to be something the kids are going to love and that is exactly what they get in the Natural History Museum. 

  • 4. Central Park @centralparknyc -

    Central Park is a great place you are going to want to take your kids around to walk around. That is because they are going to have a great trip and have plenty of options and people watching when you are looking at Central Park. 

  • 3. Central Park Zoo @CentralParkZoo -

    If you want to have a great place to go and allow your kids to be educated as well. This is a great place to go because it has a wide selection of animals that are well cared for and has a wide range for everyone to enjoy. 

  • 2. September 11th Memorial @Sept11Memorial -

    On September 11th, the face of terrorism came into the American culture. This has changed the way the country has viewed terrorism ever since. This is a great memorial that takes and makes sure everyone is going to remember what happened on that frightful day.

  • 1. Statue of Liberty @statuelibrtynps -

    That Statue of Liberty is part of a National Park, but it is also a very kid friendly place. Your kids can learn about the history of the country and all the immigrants who are coming into the country. Definitely a place that is very friendly for the kids. 

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