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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions In Austin

Posted on 2 December 2017 by Mike

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Austin Nature Center

Traveling around the country with your family is amazing. However, what you need to realize is this can be a challenge as well. That is why I have decided it was time to ran the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Austin. Then you can travel to this beautiful city with your family and know they will have a great time.

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  • 7. Austin Rock Gym @austinrockgym -

    Climbing on rocks is something that is very amazing. However, safety is paramount for a lot of people to consider. That is something that is great because the Austin Rock Gym is a rock climbing center that is going to provide something for kids of all ages.

  • 6. Bullock Texas State History Museum @BullockMuseum -

    Texas has a lot of history to it and it never really has been revealed in the way it has at the Bullock Museum. This place is simply amazing and definitely has something that everyone is going to love, but the kids will like the fact they can learn about the history of the state. 

  • 5. Austin Aquarium @AustinAquarium -

    Kids love to see fish and seeing some they never seen before is even more amazing than what you could imagine. You will love the fact that at the Austin Aquarium the kids are going to have a chance to see just that, some fish they never seen before.

  • 4. Robinson Family Farm @therobinsonfamilyfarm -

    Located just a little bit out of Austin you will find Robinson Family Farm. This farm is simply amazing and definitely a stop you will want to make. This is a very family friendly attraction as well, which is going to make it even better for you to go and see.

  • 3. Lake Travis -

    If you want to explore the outdoor region around Austin, then you will want to check out Lake Travis. This is a great place to go and have a fun time, but also an amazing place to just sit down and cool off if you are starting to get to hot in the Texas heat.

  • 2. Austin Childrens Museum @TheThinkery -

    A great place for kids to go out to and hang out for a day is the Children's Museum. This is a place you will really love taking your kids to because it is very interactive for your kids and has plenty of displays for you to enjoy.

  • 1. Austin Nature and Science Center @ATXnaturecenter -

    Are you looking to have your kids learn something while they are exploring Austin? If you are make sure you check out the Austin Nature and Science Center. This is a place that is simply amazing and will be great for your needs of places for you to go and see. 

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