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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions - Denver

Posted on 31 March 2018 by Barrie

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Denver Zoo

Traveling to Denver with your kids is going to be exciting and fun. However, what you really need to know is more about what you can do when you are in Denver with your kids to make the trip amazing. That is why we have went out and ranked what I believe are the the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Denver.

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  • 7. Denver Firefighters Museum @DenverFirefightersMuseum -

    I think at one point in time it was in every kids mind to be a firefighter. Then they realize the dangers of the job and decide it was not for them. However, this does not mean they will not enjoy learning about the firefighters and the history they have and how they have come about, which is exactly what you get at the Denver Firefighters Museum. 

  • 6. Children's Museum of Denver @childrensmuseumofdenver -

    Having your kids learn while they are on vacation may seem like it is a little mean, but here the kids will have a great trip. They have a chance to learn and interact with multiple exhibits and know they will have a fun trip because of all they can see and do. 

  • 5. City Park @City-Park-Denver -

    This is a location that you are going to love because it is a safe place for you to take your kids to and have them run around. You will love the fact the park has some of the best views you can find for the cityscape as well. 

  • 4. Wings Over The Rockies @wingsmuseum -

    Jets and planes and even some space exploration products are what you will see here. This place has everything a kid would want to see when they are trying to learn more about flight and the impact it can have on the modern life. 

  • 3. Water World Colorado @waterworldco -

    The summer heat is warm in Denver and often needs to be beaten by cooling off. That is what you get a chance to do when you are looking at Water World. Now this would not be a great place in winter, but it is a fantastic place to go and enjoy some cool water and pools. 

  • 2. Dinosaur Ridge @DinoRidge -

    Dinosaur Ridge is a great place to go out and visit if you are looking for a great place to go that is outdoors and full of history. So you will want to make sure you go here when the weather is great and this will give your kids a chance to explore the dinosaurs that are long gone. 

  • 1. Denver Zoo @DenverZoo -

    Kids of all ages like seeing animals they usually would never see outside of a zoo. That is what makes the Denver Zoo one of the top attractions. The place has plenty of animals, but also has interaction for the visitors that helps to make this zoo one of the best places to visit. 

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