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Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions - Chicago

Posted on 12 September 2017 by Pam

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Chicago Childrens Museum

Chicago is a city that has quite a few attractions and features that everyone is going to enjoy. However, if you travel to Chicago with your kids, then you want to make sure you have some things for the kids to do as well. That is why we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Chicago. 

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  • 7. Adler Planetarium @adlerplanetarium -

    Kids always seem to be amazed by the sky above them, but if they are like my little one they love the stars. With the city lights it is hard to see the stars, but the Adler Planetarium has plenty for your kids to see and enjoy. It has interactive exhibits, but also amazing views that you can enjoy if you time it right to see the night sky.

  • 6. Amazing Chicago's Funhouse Maze @AmazingChicago -

    We already talked about Navy Pier having quite a bit for the kids, but one attraction that deserves notice all on its own is Amazing Chicago's Funhouse Maze. The place has mirror puzzles, but plenty of tunnels and other things for the entire family to enjoy. 

  • 5. Lincoln Park Zoo @lincolnparkzoo -

    Lincoln Park Zoo is a place that is free, which is great for a large family. It is a smaller zoo, so do not expect to have a ton of animals to see, but it does have the usual run of the larger animals like lions and bears, but also an interactive farm area to. 

  • 4. Shedd Aquarium @sheddaquarium -

    Kids love fish, they like to look at them and in some cases eat them. However, the Shedd Aquarium just allows the kids to look at the fish, but what is great about the place is the views of Lake Michigan from underwater, but without having to put on a wet suit. 

  • 3. Navy Pier @navypier -

    Navy Pier may not seem like it would be that much fun, but they have plenty for the kids to do. Think Atlantic City Boardwalk moved to Chicago. That is what you get when you are looking at Navy Pier, a lot of beauty and plenty for the kids to do if it is summer time. 

  • 2. Museum of Science and Industry @msichicago -

    Chicago is a booming industrial town and they have slowly started to turn to a financial metropolis. However, what is amazing is the fact the city recognizes the history they have and put it into a museum that will allow your kids to learn and enjoy everything they have seen in the region. 

  • 1. Chicago Childrens Museum @ChicagoChildrensMuseum -

    When you are looking for something to do with your kids they will love the Chicago Children's Museum. This is a place that has plenty of interactive things for the kids to do, but also a lot of things for them to learn from and enjoy.

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