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Top 7 Italian Restaurants - Palm Springs

Posted on 6 November 2017 by Elizabeth

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Italian cuisine is one food that almost anyone can find something on the menu to enjoy. However, the challenge comes from trying to find the restaurant to go and enjoy the food at. This is why I have decided to make your choice a little bit easier when you are in Palm Springs by ranking the top 7 Italian restaurants. 

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  • 7. Ristorante Mamma Gina @RistoranteMammaGina -

    The outside look of the Ristorante Mamma Gina is amazing and it carries on inside with the inviting look of the place. We really love the lobster ravioli you can buy from here to enjoy.

  • 6. Castelli's @castellisristorante -

    Castelli's is a great place with a lively atmosphere you are sure to love. The table settings are amazing and the food rivals the atmosphere. I really love the fact you can get some excellent garlic bread that rivals any that I have had anywhere in the world.

  • 5. Levreri's @Levreris-Italian-Restaurant -

    A great place to get some of the Italian comfort food we really love is Levereri's. The place has a great atmosphere and I have to admit I really love the food from here. On top of being treated like family you will really love the pizza. 

  • 4. Al Dente @Aldentepalmsprings -

    Al Dente is a great restaurant that has a lot of food options for you to enjoy. We really love the outdoor patio seating if you want to enjoy some fantastic seating options. I really love the pollo limone. 

  • 3. L'Olivo @Lolivopalmsprings -

    L'Olivo is a place that requires a reservation, but it is definitely a place you will like to go to. The restaurant has some great food to go with the upscale atmosphere you can enjoy. I personally love the ravioli de scampi.

  • 2. Spaghetteria @Spaghetteria -

    Spaghetteria is a place that is in a strip mall, but what is really great is the place does not assume a lot of the strip mall character and has some amazing food. What we really love from Spaghetteria is the fact the place has an amazing meatball sandwich. 

  • 1. Kalura Trattoria @Kalura-Trattoria -

    Italian cuisine often goes hand in hand with the great wines you can find from Italy. When you are here you will have some great food and fine wine, but the atmosphere is upbeat as well. The food we love from Kalura Trattoria is the spaghetti carbonara. 

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