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Top 7 Italian Restaurants In Phoenix

Posted on 3 May 2018 by Shannon

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North Italia

When you are in Phoenix you need to realize it is a place that has a lot of different restaurants for you to pick from. However, what you will want to know is the best Italian places for you to eat from. That is why we have decided it was time for us to narrow down the list of places for you to go by pulling out the top 7 Italian restaurants in Phoenix.

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  • 7. CIBO @cibopizzeria -

    CIBO will have a quaint type of feel to it that you are going to enjoy, but it will also have a great feel to the location as well. What you are really going to enjoy the most will be the Calzone Pizza. 

  • 6. Pane Bianco @Pane-Bianco -

    This is more of an Italian sandwich shop, but it is definitely a place that has some great food and atmosphere for you to enjoy, not to mention it is over a decade old. What you really will like from Pane Bianco will be any of the sandwiches that have the house made Mozzarella on it.

  • 5. Avanti Restaurant @Avanti-Restaurant-Caterers-AZ -

    With a classic white and black look with the zebra look that may feel dated, it has a charm all of it own at Avanti. This place has some great food and I have to say one of the best dishes on the menu is the eggplant.

  • 4. Postino @postinoarcadia -

    This is a place that has made full use of the historical buildings to give them the great feel and Italian type of look. What is really nice is this place fixes a lot of the unconventional Italian dishes that everyone is going to enjoy eating.

  • 3. Solo Trattoria @SoloTrattoriaAZ -

    With a comfortable location and the option for patio dining you will find Solo Trattoria to be the go to place. This place has an amazing atmosphere and it definitely has the food to match. What is really great about this place is they tend to keep the food seasonal to provide maximum freshness.

  • 2. Defalcos Italian Deli & Grocery -

    This is a place that is not really seen as a sit down location. However, it is a place that has all the food you want to eat and it is in a deli style eating, with mismatched chairs to boot. This all makes for a unique experience here, but what is really great is the Chicken Parm. 

  • 1. North Italia @NorthItalia -

    While this has expanded to more of an Italian chain style it has its roots in Arizona. The place has a great atmosphere that is perfectly designed. It also has everything you would want to have in a location and that is great food! Personally I love the fact that the place tries to  keep with the seasonal food as much as possible.

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