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Top 7 Italian Restaurants In Cincinnati

Posted on 16 January 2017 by Kim

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Italian food is one of the best foods to eat. However, with all the options on the table for Italian food in Cincinnati it can be hard to pick the best restaurant to eat at. This is why we at Top 7, have decided to narrow down the Top 7 Italian restaurants to eat at in Cincinnati. 

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  • 7. Bravo @bravo_italian -

    Bravo is a place that has decent atmosphere, but also has great food. When you go to Bravo, you will notice the main feature is the fresh pasta that you can enjoy time and time again. 

  • 6. A Tavola @atavolapizza -

    Finding an Italian bar in Cincinnati is exciting. When you go to A Tavola, you will not only find an Italian bar, but great food. All of the food at A Tavola is made by hand and has a class that you will enjoy immensely.

  • 5. Nicola's Ristorante @NicolasOTR -

    A contemporary Italian menu, with a modern atmosphere combines to make Nicola's a great restaurant to eat at. 

  • 4. Barresi's @BarresiItalian -

    Italian food is often seen as being heavy and bad for medical conditions. Barresi's has realized people with heart conditions need to eat as well and introduced a hearty healthy option. While the entire menu is not heart healthy, the selection of meals that are make Barresi's a great place to stop in and enjoy a great meal.

  • 3. Via Vite @viavite -

    Trying to find an Italian restaurant with a variety of menu options? Then check out Via Vite. Via Vite has the typical Italian foods, but includes some of the modern American menu twist for the meat with Italian touches.

  • 2. Maggiano's @Maggianos -

    The meals that you get from Maggiano's are going to make your mouth water. The food is handmade in the kitchen daily, but the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming for the entire family.

  • 1. Sotto @sottocincy -

    Simple and honest food with a unique, but welcoming atmosphere is what you get at Sotto. When you eat at Sotto, you must try one of our favorite dishes, the Orecchiette, which is lamb sausage with bitter greens. 

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