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Top 7 Indian Restaurants - Philadelphia

Posted on 22 September 2017 by Carrie

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Indian food is not a food you would commonly associate with eating out all the time. However, when you are traveling and want to try a different style of food you will notice it can be a challenge to find the right restaurant to go and eat at. This is when you should know we have ranked the Top 7 Indian restaurants to eat at in Philadelphia. 

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  • 7. New Delhi Indian Restaurant @ -

    Tradition of being in Philadelphia for 25 plus years serving the traditional Indian cuisine is a good thing. That is exactly what you are going to get when you look at New Delhi Indian Restaurant. When you are here the food you have to try is the chicken tikka masala.

  • 6. Devi @Devi-Vegetarian-Indian-Cuisine -

    Devi is a great place that you are going to love if you like the Southern Indian type of cuisine. This is a place you will enjoy the beautiful vegetarian cuisine and know you are getting authentic food from the Southern part of India. The food we love is the buffet. 

  • 5. Desi Chaat House @desichaathouse -

    Desi Chaat House is a lovely place that has quite a range of foods on the menu. However, it is also a place that you will like because it has plenty of atmosphere to go around. The meal we love from here is the Gujarat Chaat. 

  • 4. Tiffin @tiffinindian -

    Tiffin is a great place that has various locations in the city. It is mainly for some of the catering, but the place has some great food as well that you can enjoy at the restaurants. Tiffin will be a great place you will enjoy if you like tandoori chicken. 

  • 3. New Azaad Foods @New-Azaad-Food -

    New Azaad Foods is a place you are going to enjoy because it has a very small space that is cozy. However, the place has some amazing food you are going to enjoy as well. What you will love about this location is the fact it has some amazing goat curries. 

  • 2. Ekta Indian Cuisine @EKTA-Indian-Cuisine -

    Ekta Indian Cuisine is a place you are sure to fall in love with. The restaurant is based in a storefront and is one of those places you will enjoy for a great atmosphere and fun. Ekta does have a wide variety of naan available to select from.

  • 1. IndeBlue @IndeBlue -

    IndeBlue is a place that you are going to enjoy quite a bit for the fantastic and authentic feel to the atmosphere. The place even has some amazing food you are going to enjoy as well. The Spinach Chaat is one of those dishes that is going to blow your mind here. 

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