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Top 7 Indian Restaurants In Kansas City

Posted on 6 April 2018 by Alex

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Seva Cuisine of India

Dining out and travel go hand in hand. However, when you are looking for a specific cuisine you will find it can be harder than what you imagined. This is why we have decided it was time for me to rank the top 7 Indian restaurants in Kansas City for you to enjoy. 

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  • 7. Chai Shai @Chai-Shai-KC -

    Chai Shai is a great place that has really worked up from being a small and humble location in Kansas City, but also managed to find a way to get some great food. The place makes our list here in 7th spot, but we see it moving up. The food is stellar and the atmosphere is nice as well. The samosas are very good here and definitely going to be a good meal.

  • 6. Swagat Fine Indian Cuisine @swagat.indian -

    When you are at Swagat you will find it has some of the best service you can have for an Indiana  restaurant and that is saying something with how attentive the staff is in most of these restaurants. I have to say, though the rice pudding from here is amazing.

  • 5. Taj Palace @tajpalacekc -

    Taj Palace is a place that you will feel like royalty at. The place has some great food and an amazing atmosphere that helps you out in enjoying the trip here even more. The butter chicken or the spicy chicken is easily the best option off the menu here. 

  • 4. Curry In A Hurry @Curry-In-A-Hurry -

    A location that you will like is Curry in A Hurry. This is a place that has been providing you with some great food and definitely has managed to make it easier for you to have some food in a hurry with a simple order counter. I like the amazing lunch options that are on the menu here.

  • 3. Moti Mahal @motimahalkansascity -

    Moti Mahal has some great food and a decent atmosphere with friendly and attentive staff. What is really nice from here is the naan that has some of the best flavor profiles I have had before.

  • 2. Tikka House @Tikka-House -

    This is a great place that has some amazing food and has some great atmosphere to make it quite an enjoyable trip. I have to say the chicken shawarma is some of the best that you can find here. 

  • 1. Seva Cuisine of India @sevacuisineofindia -

    Seva Cuisine is a great place to go and enjoy some fantastic food and an authentic type of Indian feel. This is a great place that has really found a great way to make the food and thrive as well, because the food is out of this world. I really like the mango lassi.

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