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Top 7 Indian Restaurants - Cincinnati

Posted on 24 August 2017 by Kim

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Shaan Indian Cuisine

When you travel it often means you get to experience something new and immerse yourself in a different culture. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as breaking away from the safety of the restaurants you would normally be eating at. It could even mean trying out a new cuisine of food. This is why we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 Indian cuisine restaurants in Cincinnati.

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  • 7. Aap India @AapIndiaRestaurant -

    Aap India is a great place and one that has some of the smaller plates that we have had, but the food is amazing very filling. The dish that you will love the most from here is the spicy naan bread, that is simply an amazing bread. 

  • 6. Baba India @Baba-India-Restaurant -

    Baba India is a restaurant in Cincinnati that has been around for quite a while in Cincinnati. The food is good, but the atmosphere can be a little odd for some people at times and the wait staff may come off as gruff at times. However, the food quality tends to make up for these shortfalls you may experience. The favorite food off the menu we have is the chicken jalfrezi. 

  • 5. Amma's Kitchen @Ammas-Kitchen -

    If you want to get more of the vegetarian type of food to eat, then you need to hit up Amma's. The food you get here is simply amazing, but the food is also good for vegetarians that want to have some good food. When you are here you will want to go in the Spring if you can for the great vegetables on the buffet. 

  • 4. Grill of India @Grill-of-India -

    The Grill of India is a great place that you will enjoy quite a bit. It is more of a neighborhood type of location, which is what makes this place such a charming place and a wonderful way to connect with the locals. Our favorite dish from the Grill of India is the buffet, which the last time we ate here was all you can eat. 

  • 3. Delhi Palace Indian Cuisine @delhipalaceindia -

    Simple decor, but great food is what you can say about Delhi Palace. The place has some great food and it is very impressive if you are not expecting much based off of the decor. What is great is having a chance to try out the lunch buffet that is out of this world. 

  • 2. Adeep India @Adeepindiarestaurant -

    This is a very laid back location and one that you will enjoy because of the chance you have to enjoy some great food. However, what you will find is the food is excellent and top quality as well. The main dish that we love from Adeep is the Chicken tikka masala. 

  • 1. Shaan Indian Cuisine @Shaan-Indian-Cuisine -

    Shaan Indian Cuisine is a very nice place that has a lot of the traditional style foods that you have come to love from the Indian cuisine. However, the atmosphere is one that will remind you more of a peaceful time, than the crowded streets of India. Our favorite dish from here is the excellent buffet that you can eat from.

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