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Top 7 Indian Restaurants - Chicago

Posted on 8 November 2017 by Pam

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Chicago is a city of many cultures and a lot of different backgrounds. However, it is also a city that can be impressive at the same time because of the food available. One of the cuisines that is often overlooked in Chicago is the Indian food, which can be a bad thing to do because the food is so good. Just make sure you know about the best Indian restaurants in Chicago to guarantee you have a great meal. To help out we have ranked the top 7 Indian restaurants in Chicago.

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  • 7. Chiya Chai Cafe @chiyachai -

    This is a great location for one of the most overlooked Indian drinks total and that is the awesome Chai. You will definitely want to take a Chai from here and not have to be concerned about the drink. You will like the fact the location has great food, even with a small menu.

  • 6. The Little India @littleindiaedgewater -

    This is a smaller restaurant, but it is definitely a place you will love because it is going to have a great feel to it. What else is great about the place is the large windows that make it easier to look out. I loved the tandoori chicken from this restaurant. 

  • 5. Hakka Bakka Katti Rolls @hakkabakkakatirolls -

    This is another counter serve location that you are going to simply fall in love with. Throw in the great seating area around the restaurant and it will be very easy for you to find the best we feel the place has to offer and that is the egg chicken roll that is out of this world good.

  • 4. Naansense @eatatnaansense -

    Naansense is a great place you are going to enjoy because it definitely has some amazing food that is more of the counter service area. We really love the counter service here and how amazing the food is here as it comes in as Indian fast food. 

  • 3. Royal Indian Grill @rig3223 -

    The Royal Indian Grill definitely offers something new for you to enjoy because it has delivery as an option. However, we find it is well worth the trip to the restaurant to get the food. We really love the fact the food is out of this world. The dish we love the most is the chicken tikka masala.

  • 2. Essence of India @essenceofindiachicago -

    Essence of India is a great place to go that has a cozy atmosphere that has some great Indian food to enjoy. What you will really love, like me, is going to be the butter chicken that is simply a great dish. 

  • 1. Cumin @cumin -

    If you want to have some of the casual Indian food, then you cannot really go wrong with Cumin. This is a place that has been able to give you the great food you want, but in an atmosphere that is very welcoming. The food that we love here is the fact they offer excellent goat meat.

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