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Top 7 Indian Food - Las Vegas

Posted on 12 March 2018 by Mike

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Curry Leaf Flavors Of India

When you are in Las Vegas it is very easy to get lost in the casino style buffets and other high end restaurants. However, one cuisine you may overlook is going to be the Indian food. Not anymore, because at Top 7 Travel, we sent out Mike to find the best Indian restaurants in Las Vegas. With that being the case, he brought back his list of the top 7 Indian restaurants in Las Vegas.

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  • 7. Pure Indian Cuisine @PureIndianRestaurant -

    Pure Indian Cuisine is close to the airport and gives you great views of the airplanes taking off and landing. What else is great about this place is the food and that is going to help you enjoy it even more. I personally love the whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes. 

  • 6. Desi Burrito @DesiBurritoLV -

    When you see the name of this place you may be doubting its Indian menu. However, the place has went out and combined the best of both worlds as it has taken the Mexican cuisine and Indian cuisine and merged them into an amazing idea. 

  • 5. Delhi Indian Cuisine @DelhiIndianCuisine -

    This is a great place to go for the atmosphere that is really nice, but also for the good quality food you are going to get from here. I have to say I really love the fact that you can order almost anything from the menu and know it will be good, but my vegan friends love the vegan friendly menu options. 

  • 4. Bombay Indian Cuisine @Bombay-Indian-Cuisine-Las-Vegas -

    When you want to have some great food with excellent service you have to check out Bombay Indian Cuisine. This place is simply amazing and the service you get here is outstanding. I have to say the one dish I do love from here is the tikka masala. 

  • 3. Mount Everest Indian Cuisine @Mt-Everest-India-Cuisine -

    When you arrive here you may think the exterior of the building is going to foreshadow what the food will be. However, you would be mistaken as this place is amazing in the food quality. I love the chicken tikka masala from here. 

  • 2. India Oven Masala @indiamasalabar -

    This is a great place to go and enjoy some great atmosphere, but also enjoy the place as a whole. I personally love the food offerings here as they are quite numerous. What else is great from here is the magno lassi.

  • 1. Curry Leaf Flavors Of India @curryleafflavorsofindia -

    A family owned restaurant by people who know the cuisine and grew up eating it in India is what you find here. The food is amazing and the taste of the food is great. What you will really love from here is the chance to explore the fusion of Chinese with Indian cuisine. I personally love the chili chicken from here. 

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