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Top 7 Hotels - Palm Springs

Posted on 29 July 2017 by Elizabeth

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Sparrows Lodge

Traveling often means finding a place to stay and knowing you will be safe. However, with all the options of hotels available in places it is very difficult to figure out where you should be staying at. This is why we have narrowed down the hotels in Palm Springs to the top 7. 

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  • 7. The Monkey Tree Hotel @themonkeytreehotel -

    When you are looking at the Monkey Tree Hotel you will simply be amazed at what it offers you to see and do. This is a place that has been able to do everything that you need to have and know. What is even better is the coziness of the location is excellent as it only has 16 rooms for you to pick from. 

  • 6. Ace Hotel @acehotelandswimclub -

    Ace is one of those locations that has a very good reputation and one that is going to amaze you. What is even better is the different events they have going on at a regular basis. Just make sure you are ready to have a great time when you are at Ace hotel. 

  • 5. The Saguaro Palm Springs @thesaguaropalmsprings -

    The Saguaro is a place you are sure to love. The location has everything you could ever want to have, but it also has some fantastic atmosphere as well. You just have to make sure you know about the pastel colors and then you can enjoy your trip even more than what you imagined.

  • 4. Palm Cayon Resort @Palm-Cayon-Resort-and-Spa -

    Butting up to a golf course definitely has its pluses as you can find here at Palm Cayon. The place has some of the best resort qualities possible, but it also has some of the best relaxation available as well for you to enjoy. 

  • 3. Palm Mountain Resort & Spa @palmmountainresort -

    With the buildings forming a courtyard appearance around the inside of the location you will find the Palm Mountain Resort is a great place to go. The prices are reasonable and the pool you can enjoy is fantastic and refreshing.

  • 2. L'Horizon -

    Sometimes when you are in Palm Springs you are going to want to enjoy just a nice resort or spa to stay at. That is exactly what you get when you stay at L'Horizon, which is a landmark of sorts for the region. This is a place that has some great atmosphere and relaxation in a stalwart of the Palm Springs region. 

  • 1. Sparrows Lodge @SparrowsHotel -

    A charming mid-century look is what you are going to get from Sparrows Lodge. This is a place that has everything you would want to have in a hotel, but it also has some of the great views you would expect to see in Palm Springs. Not to mention Sparrows has a great pool that everyone in the family can enjoy. 

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