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Top 7 Hotels - Los Angeles

Posted on 15 September 2017 by Jose

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Four Seasons Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a very beautiful city, but it is definitely one that when you visit you need to have a great place to stay. The problem is since Los Angeles is such a big and popular city, you need to know where to stay. This is when you should know we have made it easier by ranking the top 7 hotels in Los Angeles for you to visit. 

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  • 7. JW Marriott Los Angeles @JWLALIVE -

    JW Marriott is a hotel chain that has a great name in the hotel industry and is definitely a hotel that you are going to want to stay in. This branded property features a beautiful rooftop pool and some very luxurious rooms that you can enjoy and know they are going to stand up to the reputation you would expect. 

  • 6. Luxe City Center Hotel @LuxeCityCenter -

    Having a modern look and feel is important for some people, but they need to realize some hotels that can be hard to find. This is when you need to realize Luxe City Center hotel has some amazing modern feels to it, but also has some great outdoor seating. 

  • 5. Hilton Checkers @HiltonCheckers -

    Situated in a lovely building that dates back to 1927 you will find the Hilton Checkers. A lot of the older charm still exist in this property, but what is really nice is the beautiful rooftop deck that gives you some stunning views of Los Angeles. 

  • 4. Kimpton Hotel Wilshire @HotelWilshire -

    Most people when they are in a hotel will want to go to the pool if they have one. What is really nice about the Kimpton Hotel Wilshire is the fact the pool is located on the roof and this gives you some amazing views of the city while you are swimming, but also makes it easier for you to have a great vacation in a trendy hotel. 

  • 3. The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles @The-Ritz-Carlton-Los-Angeles -

    The Ritz-Carlton is often seen as the gold standard of hotels and when you are at this location it is easy to see why. The hotel has superior rooms when compared to a lot of hotels, but it also has some amazing staff as well. The staff is what really makes this hotel great because they are so friendly and attentive. 

  • 2. The Westin Bonaventure @TheBonaventure -

    When you want to stay in a hotel that does not want you to leave for food or fitness, then you need to pick The Westin Bonaventure. This hotel has everything you would need, but also has some of the best views of the city as well. 

  • 1. Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills @FourSeasonsHotelLosAngeles -

    Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills is one of those places you are going to enjoy because it is definitely a very high class hotel. However, it is a very nice chic property that will give you some of the best looks possible. Not to mention the spa and high class Italian restaurant and you have an amazing location to stay in.

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