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Top 7 Historical Sites In Cincinnati

Posted on 11 July 2016 by Kim

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Loveland Castle1

Cincinnati is a city that has a lot of history. You can easily learn quite a bit about the history here, but you will also find it can be educational as well as some of the information may be something that you never considered that you would be learning before. So this will make it quite a bit easier to see that Cincinnati is a great location for travelers to have a great time. 

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  • 7. Fort Ancient -

    If you are into the outdoors and Native American culture you will find this is going to be a great stop for you to make. The location will provide you with a great time and allows you to learn about the Native culture to the region before the settlers came to the area.

  • 6. Harriett Beecher Stowe House -

    This is a house that is the former home of the famed abolitionist. The house is one she only lived in for 2 years, but it is one that is packed with history and is still being used as a cultural site.

  • 5. Saint Mary's Cathedral Basilica Of The Assumption -

    No one would think that a church would show up on this list. However, this is a church that has quite a bit of history and will provide you with with some of the best views of stained glass that you have ever seen before as it has quite a bit of stained glass to look at.

  • 4. Harrison Tomb State Memorial -

    A president is a great person in America and getting a chance to see their tomb is as close as some people will get to the president. Cincinnati has had a great number of presidents and some of them like William Henry Harrison are buried here.

  • 3. William Howard Taft National Historical Site -

    As we mentioned right above, William Harrison is from Cincinnati, but so is the Taft family. You will find this is a great place to go and see how a future president would live. What is even nicer is the fact this is a home that has been restored to the time that Taft was in the home.

  • 2. Betts House -

    Bricks were not common in the older time period of the early 1800's, but this is one home that did have bricks. The house is still standing at its original site, but is open for limited tours. However, builders do come back to see the structure to understand how it was made and lasted this long.

  • 1. Loveland Castle -

    A castle in the middle of Cincinnati? Well not the middle, but definitely on the outskirts. This is a place that was built by a single man, but still being added onto today. It is a great castle and one that has some great tours.

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