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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - Phoenix

Posted on 2 December 2017 by Shannon

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Nothing beats a quick lunch than sitting down and grabbing a burger. However, what you will find is in a lot of cities they will have a variety of places that all claim to provide you with the best burger in the country. With that being the case, I decided to make your challenge of finding a good burger place a little bit easier by picking the top 7 hamburger restaurants in Phoenix.

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  • 7. Lenny's Burger Shop @Lennys35th -

    Lenny's has a fantastic atmosphere and some great food to go with it as well. What I really love from here is the Garlic Mushroom Burger that has a fantastic flavor profile. 

  • 6. Smashburger @SmashburgerPhoenix -

    Smashburger is a great place that has some amazing smash your mouth good. However, what you will love from this location is the fact it is going to have a great meal. I personally love getting the BBQ, Bacon and cheeseburger. 

  • 5. Fez @Fez-burger-Restaurant -

    Fez has a great atmosphere that will keep you very happy, but also the food is going to match the atmosphere of the location. The burger that is simply delish from here is the Blue Cheese Balsamic Burger.

  • 4. Original Hamburger Works @originalhamburgerworks -

    With hamburgers that are grilled over a fire you will find the place is amazing. What else is great is the place has the Barq's Red Soda, which in itself is an amazing find. I personally like the Border Burger from here. 

  • 3. Ingo's Tasty Food @ingostastyfood -

    Ingo's Tasty Food has some great tasting food like the name says. What is great about the place is the fact you are going to get the food perfectly cooked each time you order it. However, the burgers go great with the Mexican Coke. 

  • 2. Delux Burger @DeluxBurger -

    Delux Burger is a place you will like because the food is good and the atmosphere is very relaxing. I have to say the burger you will want to get from here is the good old namesake burger the Delux Burger. 

  • 1. Zinburger @ZinburgerPhoenix -

    Zinburger is a great place you will enjoy because it has a speedy and accurate service that will give you your food faster than what you imagine. The location even has some great burgers to boot. What I love is any of the burgers off the menu as they are melt in your mouth good.

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