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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - Maui

Posted on 25 June 2017 by Aaron

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Nothing beats being on vacation and getting a chance to sit down and enjoy a great big juicy burger. The juices squirting out and you not really caring because you do not have to rush back to the office, nothing beats it. With that being said, we have ranked the top 7 burger joints in Maui. 

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  • 7. Cool Cat Cafe @CoolCatCafeMaui -

    The Cool Cat Cafe is a very cool place and one that is a lot hipper than the Pink Panther ever thought he would be. This is a restaurant that has been voted the number 1 burger place in Maui on other list, but for us it is number 7. The Cool Cat does have some great beef burgers and an awesome blend of house seasonings to use.

  • 6. Mala Ocean Tavern @MalaOceanTavern -

    Kobe Beef on a burger may seem like it is a major waste. However, once you have tasted the food that the Mala Ocean Tavern produces you will see just why we love this type of burger. The Kobe Beef burger is easily one of the best in the market and going to provide you with a filling meal while in Maui. 

  • 5. Mill House Restaurant @MTPMaui -

    Mill House is a fairly new location, but it is one that is screaming quality with the burgers they are producing. The burgers are top of the line and they tend to provide you with the full beef flavor you want to have. Our personal favorite is the beef burger that is put on the homemade buns they have made. 

  • 4. Stewz @StewzMauiBurgers -

    Stewz is a location that takes it over the top to get you the food you want to eat. The place has great local meat from the Maui beef cattle. However, they also have a wide selection on the menu. Our favorite is the egg topped burger that they call the Wailuku style burger.

  • 3. Bully's Burgers @BullysBurgers -

    Bully's Burgers is a place that you are going to love because it is a hidden gem of a place. What is really nice is it is so far hidden that some of the locals that are around the area do not even know about it. The burgers are awesome and tend use local fresh ground beef. 

  • 2. Cafe Mambo @Cafe-Mambo -

    This is a location that has some stunning views and if you are at the place around dinner you will be richly rewarded with a beautiful sunset. The Cafe Mambo does have some great food as well, like the pig burger that we simply love.

  • 1. Monkeypod @MonkeypodKitchenByMerrimanMaui -

    Monkeypod is a location that has more than just a funny name. This is a place that has some of the best food in Maui for you to enjoy. The location has a great food and views for you to enjoy. Our favorite burger from the menu is the King Kong Cheeseburger that is stunning. 

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