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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - Los Angeles

Posted on 28 June 2017 by Jose

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Los Angeles is a great city and it is one that has plenty of options when you are looking for food places to eat at. What is really nice is all of these options in meals give you a great chance to be picky on where you want to eat. This is why we have ranked the top 7 hamburger restaurants in Los Angeles for you to find the best place to enjoy. 

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  • 7. Original Tommy's @OriginalTommys -

    When you are looking for a great burger joint that has good food and a decent atmosphere you will love the Original Tommy's. This is a place that has some good food as well, but you will love the fact this is a place that has a great burger. 

  • 6. Button Mash @ButtonMashLA -

    Button Mash is a place that you will like because it is going to have a great food that you will enjoy. What is great about this place is the fantastic food that is present in the restaurant coupled with the atmosphere. The food that we love from Button Mash is the double cheeseburger. 

  • 5. Hinano Cafe @hinanocafevenice -

    Hinano Cafe is a place you will enjoy because it has a great atmosphere to it and it is going to make it easier for you to enjoy the food. What we really love from the location is the cheeseburger that is simply stunning. 

  • 4. Apple Pan @The-Apple-Pan -

    Apple Pan is a place that you will love to go to because it has the classic atmosphere of an old school hamburger restaurant. What is great about the place is the fantastic hickory burger that is simply stunning. 

  • 3. Father's Office @Fathers-Office-In-Culver-City -

    Father's Office is a place that has a decent atmosphere with some good food to boot. However, what we really like is the quality of the food and that includes what they have called The Burger. 

  • 2. Barney's Gourmet Burgers @barneysgourmethamburgers -

    While not located in Los Angeles downtown or anywhere close to the downtown region you will find Barney's. The place has three burger stand locations in the LA area, but that is what makes them great. What we love from here is the specialty burger they call the Pesto. 

  • 1. Cassell's @cassellshamburgers -

    Cassell's is a place you are going to find as an amazing location. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere will not disappoint you at all. What we love about the laid back location is the classic atmosphere combined with the great cheeseburger and you have a burger that is to die for. 

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