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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants In Cleveland

Posted on 19 April 2018 by Bernie

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B Spot

Nothing beats sitting down at lunch or dinner and ordering a large burger. However, I do not mean a fast food burger, but from a location that treats the food with care and tenderness. That is why I have decided it was time for me to find the best burger restaurants in Cleveland and enjoy eating some burgers while I did it. Since this is what I did, it is only fair for me to share what I found as the top 7 burger restaurants in Cleveland.

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  • 7. Heck's Cafe @heckscafeoc -

    Heck's is a great name and a great way to advertise because I can just imagine how many people go out and say oh heck and end up here. However, it is easy to see why when you see the great food and menu options. When you are here one burger you have to try is just the basic burger with lettuce, tomato, and the meat.

  • 6. Stevenson's Bar & Grill @Stevensons-Bar-Grill -

    This is a place that is not in the middle of the town, but it is a place that has some great food that you can enjoy. The bar is just an added feature to make it easier for you to get a great beer to go and watch a game. I will tell you the burgers are amazing, but make sure you get the 

  • 5. Johnny's Little Bar @Johnnys-Little-Bar -

    While you may look and see bar in the name and think it is just bar food, it is not. The bar is present and this means you will have a bar atmosphere, but the burgers are a no frills type of burger that will give you the perfect blend of food and meat.

  • 4. Greenhouse Tavern @thegreenhousetavern -

    Located in the downtown area of Cleveland you will find The Greenhouse Tavern. This is a place that has good burgers and a cool atmosphere you are sure to enjoy. The Ohio Beef Burger is really good, but throw on some cheese and you have a great burger that you will die for.

  • 3. Swensons @swensonsdrivein -

    Do you want to go to an old school drive in place that is going to be completely different than some of the places you have been to? If you do make sure you check out Swenson's. This place relies on the thinner style burgers, but it is well worth it and easy to see why King James loves this place! 

  • 2. Hoopples @Hoopples -

    So you want to get a simply burger that would remind you of your childhood? Well, then you need to check out Hoopples. This is a place that has some great burgers, but the burgers are going to be coming in and remind you of the type you had growing up. 

  • 1. B Spot @bspotburger -

    B Spot is a great place to go and it is owned by a celebrity chef. That definitely adds to the atmosphere and the glam. The burgers are nice and juicy and I have to say I really like the cheeseburgers with some bacon slapped on them.

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