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Top 7 Hamburger Restaurants - Denver

Posted on 20 December 2017 by Barrie

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Park Burger

Denver is a great place to go to and catch a Broncos game or a Rockies game. The problem is finding a great burger restaurant can be difficult to do at times. This is why we have went out and started to look at the burger restaurants and decided to rank the 7 best hamburger restaurants in Denver. 

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  • 7. My Brother's Bar @mybrothersbar -

    My Brother's Bar is a great place to enjoy and definitely a place that has a great atmosphere you will enjoy the evening for. The Johnny Burger is one you will really love because it definitely has a great taste and flavor to it. 

  • 6. Root Down @rootdownrestaurant -

    When you think of places in an airport you will often think the food is very poor, but you will be shocked at Root Down. The burger you have to get from this popular spot in the airport is the beef cheeseburger. 

  • 5. Larkburger @larkburger -

    Larkburger has a great location that is very relaxed compared to some of the other burger joints. However, this is also a place that has some great food to go along with the burgers. The burgers that we love the most from here is the truffle burger.

  • 4. Hopdoddy Burger Bar @hopdoddydenver -

    A nice place to have a burger with a good atmosphere the family can enjoy. Not to mention the drinks are amazing here, but the burgers and the wide selection of meats available make this place great.

  • 3. TAG Burger Bar @tagburgerbar -

    You cannot go wrong going into a burger shop that offers you a wide selection of the type of burgers you would want to eat. We personally love the lamb burger, but that is my preference on having a different type of meat for a burger.

  • 2. The Cherry Cricket @CherryCricket -

    Being around since 1945 has definitely paid off for The Cherry Cricket. This is a place that has some amazing food and great atmosphere as well. The burger you have to try is my favorite the buffalo burger.

  • 1. Park Burger @ParkburgerNation -

    Park Burger will have the older corner style burger shop feel to it. However, what you are going to love the most from Park Burger is the fact this place has a lot of great menu options when it comes to hamburgers. The burger you have to try from here is the Ahi Burger. 

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