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Top 7 Golf Courses - Boston

Posted on 17 October 2017 by Kim

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Newton Commonwealth

Boston is a beautiful city and one that has a lot of history involved with it. However, when you are playing golf you need to make sure you know about the best places to go and play golf. Even if it means hitting up a public golf course, which is what we have ranked here, the top 7 public golf courses in the Boston area.

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  • 7. Leo J. Martin Memorial Golf Course -

    This is a course that has quite a bit going for it. It is maintained, but may not pose as much in the way of a challenge as you would expect. The course is nice and clean, which really makes it a nice place to play. 

  • 6. George Wright Golf Course @George-Wright-Golf-Course -

    A dramatic improvement is seen in this course here as it has been taken to the next level for the amount of play ability in the course. The greens have been extensively worked over and the sand traps uses real sand, which make this course simply amazing and a challenge. 

  • 5. Gannon Municipal Golf Course @Gannon-Golf-Club -

    Gannon Golf Course is a great place with a nice clubhouse. The course is usually very nice to play on and the location has some great features for the greens and the chipping that makes it a nice course to play. 

  • 4. Braintree Municipal Golf Course @BraintreeGolf -

    This is simply an amazing place that you are going to enjoy because the golf course is simply amazing. The Braintree Municipal Golf Course is one that has really helped a lot of people in getting the golf game going good. What is amazing is the large greens you can play on. 

  • 3. Stoneham Oaks @Stoneham-Oaks-Golf-Course -

    Stoneham Oaks is a place that is slowly improving on the look and condition of the course and we know it will come back looking amazing. The place has a nice course already, but with the improvements it will look even better. 

  • 2. Fresh Pond Golf Course @Fresh-Pond-Golf-Course -

    If you want a chance to catch a glimpse of some of the finest Boston has to offer then Fresh Pond is a great place. The legends from Boston sports teams play here and it is simply an amazing course to be playing on. 

  • 1. Newton Commonwealth @Newton-Commonwealth-Golf-Course -

    With the beautiful hills and the rolling grounds you will find Newton Commonwealth Golf Course. This is a great golf course and it is one you will enjoy because of how amazing the place is and how easy the lay is compared to some of the other courses. 

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